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    Globalcop Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Level 10 troll, haha, is that what you do, hang out here and post nasty comments to people who criticize your masters?


    Ahhh, the Apple support forums. Another wonderful surprise for someone trying to make te switch to Apple. As someone who has spent plenty of time in various forums getting and giving help back in the days of building every PC I've owned, I've never seen a more rude, hyper-defensive and useless group as the one you have here.


    Apple should care to know that their customers are upset, disappointed and leaving because their system does not live up to the expectations set by their competition.


    BTW, why is the virtual keyboard always uppercase on my iPad?


    Stay off the roads in Texas, where people drive 70 mph in thick fog.

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    Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (38,425 points)

    Globalcop wrote:


    BTW, why is the virtual keyboard always uppercase on my iPad?


    Apple has never said why they made that particular UI design decision. I assume you understand that it doesn't mean that you're always typing in caps?

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    KendallB Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Allan Sampson wrote:


    The answer is no.


    You need to be connected to the same wi-fi network as your computer and Apple TV to stream music to the device.   Apple is not in the iTunes content streaming business except for Home Sharing in your home.

    Maybe we should revisit this argument, since it is clear now that Apple IS in the streaming business. Why? Because iTunes 11 just got released, and guess what it now does? Streams HD movies and TV shows right from the cloud to your Mac (and I assume Windows PC).


    So clearly if you can now do this on the Apple TV AND on your Mac or PC, there is no reason you should not be able to do the exact same thing on your iPad? Seems a bit screwy to me that I could take my laptop on the road with me and stream HD movies over the WiFi internet at my hotel, yet I cannot do the same with my iPad?


    I have to believe that an update will be coming shortly that will allow just this...

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    Sybil M Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)

    My thoughts exactly. I can stream on my MacBook Pro (yay) and now I can stream on my Apple TV (yay yay). We used to have a first gen Apple TV and had to have all of our movies on my MBP in order to store them on the ATV. It was wasting space on my MBP and there were a lot of movies we were not watching because it was a pain to download them to my MBP after deleting other movies first to then sync with the ATV...which is why we finally bought a 3 gen ATV. Problem is, I deleted all of the iTunes purchased movies and TV shows from my MBP to reclaim HD space. I used to watch them on my ipad in bed via home sharing but now I have to download them first....and that's asking a lot seeing as how I only have about 700MB free on my ipad. It only makes sense that Apple should allow streaming to the iPad since you can everywhere else (except iOS)

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    Home sharing still means I have to download the content to my imac.  I bought several seasons of a TV show and want to simply watch them on my iPad WITHOUT downloading them first.  I'm only interested in doing this at home, where I have WIFI, so I'm not worried about 3G.  If the Apple TV can stream it to my TV, why can't I stream it to my iPad.  It takes almost longer to download the content to my mac or iPad as the show is long.  Big waste of time and annoying, to boot.

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    Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (38,425 points)

    You can't do it because it's not a feature of the device. Apple has never said why. You can let Apple know how you feel and what you'd like to see in future using the Feedback page:



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    OK I just got my very first iPad last week and using the device I bought the entire first season of Homeland on iTunes for 29.99 on it.  After my transaction cleared I discovered the iPad can't handle that amount of data.  So I had to borrow a laptop and download the purchased tv series.  It took hours to download to the laptop and using iCloud and family sharing I tried watching one of the shows on the iPad and I got the message it would take 30 minutes to download so I canceled the download.  Now I am defeated because I feel I wasted my money on both the iPad and iTunes purchase.  

    FRom what I just read on this thread, amazon can stream videos and iTunes cannot.  Apple should make this clear when taking your money for movie and tv show purchases that are too large of data to use on their own devices.  Yes I am understanding that one can buy more memory storage in the form of external hard drives but this takes away from the supposed ease of use and forward technology Apple advertises. 


    Apple should communicate the limitations of the iPad to be used as a viewing device at the point of sale, because now I've wasted my money on something very inconvenient to view.  I should have just bought the DVD from amazon and had it shipped and played it on a DVD player.  Or optionally bought from amazon instant video.


    i Hope someone reads this thread before making the same mistake I did.  And yes I will send this to the apple feedback page.  Apple should communicate limitations of their own product at the point of sale and the consumer shouldn't have to reach clarity on the matter by digging through the support threads. 

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    Hi.  For what it's worth you can probably get a refund on the itunes purchase.  On a computer open itunes.  go to itunes store. click on your name at the top right and sign in.  You'll see a section called Purchase History.  Click on "see all".  At the top you will see a list of recent purchases each with the option (on the right side) to click on "report a problem".  for problem you may want to choose that it doesn't function as expected, and explain that you have to borrow a laptop and you still are having problems downloading and watching.  You should be able to get your money refunded.  Last resort, I would do if I had to, is to contact your credit card company.  I hope you found this helpful. 

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    img Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi!  Is there any update on this?  My daughter is home sick and I am trying to stream our $100+ of iTunes content to an iPad here in bed rather than the Apple TV downstairs. I find it hard to believe this isn't easy to do.  We recently started using Amazon, which gives away content to Prime Customers. We can also access our Amazon content through the DVD player next to the Apple TV. So right now I'm thinking I will never buy films through ITunes again, if we have to do something complicated to get access to them, while they are seamlessly available through Amazon's cloud, which works extremely well so far (and gives away films, like Tin Tin,  I paid for on iTunes). Homesharing?  I will try to get this to work, I guess, but I don't quite understand this. These films are on the cloud--we've only watched them on the Apple TV. Will I have access to them through "home sharing?"  Actually, I now read that we can't access the content unless we download it to our upstairs Hard Drive.  No thank you.  So, content we paid for is basically locked up, or at least that's what it feels like. If we had purchased the content from Amazon, we could have it on every screen in the house with no issues!  Content we bought from Apple, we can't watch on an Apple device. Weird!

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    You cannot STREAM the movies which is the point of this discussion but you can certainly watch them on the iPad. You just have to download them first and then watch them (and delete it later if you don't want to keep it on there). To download them go to the iTunes Store on the device and click on 'Purchases' and it will show you all the items you have purchased. Click the one you want and download it.


    I have to think that eventually we will have support for streaming over wifi but who knows when. Until the we just have to live with downloading to watch iTunes content...

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    Thanks. I understand it would have been possible to bring my daughter upstairs for her to peruse the various films  we have purchased on iTunes, and then to start the download process, then bring her back to bed, so we could see if home sharing would work right with the iPad. Or alternatively download and sync one film to the hard drive of the iPad, and wait for that to happen, perhaps deleting some stuff to make room for the huge file. Or I guess I could unhook the Apple TV and bring it from the living room to the bedroom for the day.  Regardless, my daughter is streaming something through Amazon Instant as I write this. You purchase Apple products so that you don't have to deal with that sort of crap.  It's extemely UNamazing.  I purchased all that content through Apple TV, which streams, with the reasonable expectation that I would also be able to steam it to any Apple device I purchase, an expectation shared by many posters here, and one that seems so natural, I still have trouble believing it cannot be done. This is part of why I made the investments, deciding to purchase rather than rent several films through iTunes for my kids, with the thought we would watch it once in the living room, and they could access the films later on a phone or tablet.  It just isn't practical or desirable to park that stuff on a hard drive, even if I had unlimited space which I don't.  Again, if I had purchased the same content on Amazon instant, it would be cheaper, and available to me on all my Apple devices all the time (which is what I thought I was buying when I made the iTunes purchases).   So right now I don't see any reason to buy content through iTunes, BECAUSE you can't stream it.  I mean, no Amazon Prime customer should do it.   As an AAPL investor, I think it's bad.

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    You can do everything to download the movies right on the iPad, you don't have to do it on another computer. With Home Sharing you have to download them to a PC or Mac, and then you can stream off that over your local WiFi, just not from Apple (and you still have to download it). Depending on how much storage you have on the iPad and what video resolution you download (720p or 1080p) you should be able to fit quite a few movies on there unless you have it loaded up with apps and music.


    Or get an Apple TV for the bedroom if you have a TV in there you want to watch stuff on. I have two Apple TV's for that reason, since at my house I generally prefer to watch on the big screen and never watch on my iPad. I want streaming on my iPad for when I travel, and want to watch something at a hotel. I invariably end up downloading stuff before I go (which is great for the plane!) but when I get somewhere I decide I wish I had downloaded something else! Doh.


    I agree 100% though that Apple needs to add streaming support to iOS to watch moves and TV shows so long as you are on WiFi, without having to download them. I think everyone in this thread agrees with that

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    Dsalant, you are completely correct on this problem and should be exasperated.  The AppleTV can do it, and it is ARM/iOS-based, so there is no technical reason the iPad should not be able to as well. it makes no sense. It costs apple revenue, as I often want to watch iTunes movies on the iPad and then remember I can't because I have to wait nearly and hour for the download first.


    Allan Simpson, dsalant has been kind to you, but each of your posts is less informed than the previous. The Apple TV streams movies and runs a version of iOS. Apple is most emphatically in the movie streaming business.

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    I found out today loading up the Lion king for my daughter on her iPad mini (so I could watch something else on the big screen! Lol), that once the download started she was able to start watching the movie immediately, but it remains on the device once downloaded. It works ALMOST like streaming in that I did not have to wait for it to fully download, so it makes even less sense if they allow that, that they don't just allow pure streaming on the device.


    She has TONS of movies to watch but I have to manage them for her, because invariably the one she wants is not downloaded :(

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    OK, here goes... I have been searching the forums and scoured the Internet, like i'm sure all of you have been in looking for a simple answer on enjoying the mega gigabytes of movie/TV entertainment (that im sure we all out there have) away from our home and subsequently it's home wifi network and be able to watch whatever show we want while in a car, on a plane, in a hotel room or the like without having to erase and free up space and pre-download the content before leaving our doorsteps. I have been watching a product highlighted at CES 2013, the Seagate Wireless Plus ( http://www.seagate.com/external-hard-drives/portable-hard-drives/wireless/wirele ss-plus/ ), and was wondering if this item might be, or come as close as possible to the Holy Grail to this issue that we all are looking for with our iOS decides.


    Will this work & if so, and forgive me if I seem to be a noob in this area, how would I load the iTunes purchased content onto the new Seagate mentioned above so that I can quickly access for my little ones with out having to rely on the limited 64 GB capacity? Like the poster mentioned above, when you assume that you have the right shows preloaded that they will want, they change the rules on you and the dance of delete & re-download continues... Hopefully this will help curb that tango :)