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What can i do? Is it normal?


It's with normal use! Nothing more then some texting, mail and few minutes on the internet..



What can i do?

It's not normal to charge my iphone 3-4 times a day!



Thankyou for your answers

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Restore iPhone with current iTunes on computer. When prompted by iTunes, Set Up iPhone as New. See if battery is better. If still problem, make Genius reservation or service arrangements and take or send iPhone to Apple for resolution.

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    This is not a fix. It's been stated in all the other "battery problem" threads on this forum that doing a restore doesn't fix anything and is just a waste of time to the user.


    I have been working with Apple directly about this issue for the past two months and still no solution. Apple IS aware of the battery drain and is trying to figure out the cause.


    6.0.2 was released but made the battery drain even worse on some phones.


    To the original poster, please don't waste your time restoring or changing settings. It's a software/hardware bug of the iPhone 5 and can only be fixed by Apple. If its a hardware issue, there very well will be no fix.