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I turn my iPad on by the power-on button. The background appears, but no icons. A message window appears as soon as I power-on. The message window says, "iPad not backed up. Backups happen when the iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi." There is a button below the text; the button says "OK". When I tap the button, it goes dark, but nothing happens. The button goes back to lighter color when I remove my finger from it. Other information: 1) Wifi connection is present in the room and connecting my laptop computer to the internet. 2) The ulock slider appears below the "Backup Window" but is completely unresponsive. 3) I have tried this with the power adapter plugged and not plugged in, with same non response. 4) The power indicater at the top of the display shows "98%" when the power adapter is unplugged. 5) After 7 seconds the screen goes blank, whether or not the power adapter is plugged in. I have to press the button that is at the top of the screen to show the screen again. (This button is the one used to return to home view of icons when the iPad is working normally.) When I do, the "Not Backed Up" message window is still there, and still unresponsive.