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Installed ITunes11 for 64 bit Win7 yesterday (8Dec12).  The update seemed to go well altho I saw some odd behavior and do NOT like the changes that have been made to the interface at all btw -- the new format for browsing the contents of the music library is awful.  What I discovered later was MUCH worse and that is when I discovered that my IpodTouch 4G which I had synced after updating to iTunes did not contain ANY of my videos and a mere fraction of my music and no playlists whatsoever. I did manage to get my videos back on by playing the game of checking "don't sync my videos" -- syncing (which ostensibly removed that which was already not there) -- rechecked "sync my videos" -- and then synced -- which DID restore them. I tried various strategems to get iTunes to copy over my entire music library .. managed to get part of it restored .. but no matter what I did .. not all of it.  It seems to be stuck on a few tracks that it thinks need to be copied and ignores everything else altho it DOES recognized the existence of the rest of my music library. It just won't restore it to my Ipod .. after it so rudely .. IMHO .. removed them.  This applies not just to music but playlists as well. There is something seriously wrong with this major 11.x update. One thing I'm considering doing .. after I return from a week long business trip (where I am no) is to trick ITunes into doing what it needs to do by removing all my music from the iTunes library (not the files -- just the index) -- sync to the iPod -- restore all the music to the iTunes library -- and sync again.  THAT -- or Apple produces a big fix to Itunes11.


Based on what I've seen elsewhere in the Forum .. my despair and disgust with iTunes11 is shared by others.  Hopefully, Apple tracks these forums given that there seems to be NO true mechanism for getting technical support with iTunes, except in association with an Apple device like iPod, iPodTouch etc. 


Btw -- given the hideous experience with the iTunes11 update on my home machine, I will NOT permit the Itunes11 update on my office laptop -- I'll uninstall it if need be..

iPod touch, Windows XP Pro
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    charwingz wrote:

    Taken from the other thread…




    by the way -- wouldn't mind if people read the post I gave the link to and to confirm whether the issue really IS that the library index got corrupted during the upgrade to 11.  If that's NOT it, I don't want to waste what could be hours executing my plan:  remove all music and videos from library, sync IpodTouch4G with no music, restore music to library, restore playlists using iPodClassic that has NOT been synced to iTunes11 as reference, and then resync iPodTouch4G.  Appreciate feedback.  Thanks!


    I think you are hoping to use an iPod Classic that has not been synced with iTunes 11 to restore the playlists? Frankly that sounds like it could fail (I hope I am wrong). iTunes is very picky about what will sync, in my experience (on a Mac) it doesn't want to bring playlists from devices that haven't ever been synced to that library before.

    If you had synced the iPod Classic before the iTunes 11 update it may work, but I wouldn't rely on that to get all your playlists back into the desktop iTunes. You would be better off using the built in 'File > Library > Export library' feature to create a Library.xml file that contains the playlists as they exist in iTunes (I have no idea if this is the same on Windows or iTunes 11, it should still exist). You can do the same for each of the 'Movies', 'TV Shows', 'Podcasts'… sections if you are worried about keeping them intact.


    It also sounds like you are contemplating deleting your files from iTunes on the PC, syncing the iPod Touch, replacing the iTunes media files & then resyncing? That also seems like overkill. You should just be able to wipe the iPod Touch & restore the files you want on there by re-syncing from the device backup (or avoiding the backup & starting afresh). The 'restore' feature of iTunes will erase & reset the device back to a clean state. If the device still fails to sync everything you know that the iTunes library is likely to be the problem.


    iTunes should also allow you to create a new library (in a location you specify).



    It would make sense to create a clean library, import the Library.xml & see if that syncs correctly. You can switch back to the old library to compare if the files & playlists have been imported.


    I'd suggest making a full system backup before you start to change things, and maybe contact a genius bar if you have one near. I really don't know enough about iTunes on Windows, there must also be other threads about how to recover from syncing issues on Windows.


    The general rule is if the device isn't syncing correctly reset it to a clean state & start over, then move onto 'fixing' the library.


    iTunes keeps backups of the library between updates, so you can revert to an older version of the library (but obviously files may have moved so the links for some tracks may be broken).


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    Saying -- use my IpodClassic for reference -- should be read as "Rebuild playlists in iTunes by  holding the iPodClassic in my hand and looking at the contents of each PlayList to make sure that what I do in iTunes matches".  NOT to use it to resync .. I have specifically NOT synced the iPodClassic to iTunes 11 to prevent the effects of the Library corruption in Itunes11 from presenting themselves there as well.   Grant me some intelligence, please..


    So -- it sounds to me like your recommendation is (in this order too btw)

    1. Create a clean library.  Can I simply force Itunes to build a new  index?  That is -- delete the Library.xml file and then open ITunes which should then automatically regenerate the Library.xml file?  OR is the only to do this (seems silly to me btw given how easily I can force apps like Thunderbird to regenerate index files)  is to actually create a new library using a copy of my the existing iTunes folder?
    2. Restore my device to a clean state and then sync it to the new, hopefully clean, library.


    To me -- step 1 must be done before even thinking about 2. Otherwise I'll be setting myself up for GIGO.

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    No that is not what I am suggesting at all, I'm trying to ensure that your iTunes is kept with as much metadata as possible.

    Here is what I would do in order…



    Factory restore the iPod Touch that is failing to sync (use the restore button in iTunes). Try syncing it. If it works you are done.



    Export the current Library to a Library.xml as mentioned. Move on to trying a new library.

    Follow the instructions to create the new library, then import the exported Library.xml file - if your playlists & files look OK see if syncing works for the iPod Touch.

    You describe this as potentially being 'garbage in garbage out' which could be true, but iTunes maintains 2 Library files. They are .itl and the .xml files, The .itl file is the 'main database' and the .xml is a 'sort of backup' file. It is possible that exporting a new .xml and importing to a new library the damage may be resolved (if the damage is in the 'main database' .itl file.



    If the import failed you can then move onto a completely clean library but you will have to import all the files again. Use the same step to create a new library then use 'iTunes > Add to Library…' and select the 'iTunes music' folder.

    You will have to create all the playlists again and subscribe to any podcasts etc. All your play counts & ratings will have gone if you use a clean library. It is a 'fresh start' but personaly I think it loses a lot of data but the choice is yours.


    You can't really force iTunes to rebuild your library because so much metadata is maintained in the Library file (Playlists, playcounts, ratings, watched status). Apple explain those files in the KB i mentioned.



    P.S. You could also use iCloud backup to sync the iPod Touch before you restore it in step 1 - that way any application data on the Touch should be backed up within iCloud.


    Hopefully someone else can verify this or come up with a better idea.

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    Thanks --

    1. Will brace myself and do the factory restore method. And pray it works.
    2. Misunderstood Library.xml.. thought it was the library index but it is the library itself. Got it. 
    3. I'm not a real fan of the Cloud except where it is absolutely necessary (I do use it but very sparingly, to support specific apps).  Since I'm not trying to keep multiple devices in synchrony... throwing all my stuff in the Cloud is pointless. Nor am I willing to trust the safety of ALL my data to the Cloud or to pay for the pleasure -- I've got a LOT of data -- well in excess of what Apple's iClous will support for free. My iTouch is the 64GB model and ... before the iTunes11 debacle...  had barely 18GB free.
    4. Expecting to get an iPodTouch5G for Christmas so by next week I may not particularly care about the state of my 4G but WILL care to the extent that everything I have on my 4G must make it safely to my new 5G.  And.. no.. I will not employ the Cloud to support this. I've got a big TB drive (in addition to a 256GB SSD) so capacity is not an issue.  I perform all my updates -- including iOS upgrades -- from my home computer.
    5. Doing a completely new library is not as odious a choice as you might think given that I hardly care about metadata like ratings, play counts, etc.  I still my iPodClassic to use as a reference for what my playlists were (NB: will not sync the classic to iTunes until everything with the Touch works again.)
    6. And how would going to a genius bar at my local Apple Store do me any good when the issue is not simply my handheld device?
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    The Apple genuises may have better advice for Windows users - they have to support everyone who uses iOS devices. They also have access to the troubleshooting guides that may give you some steps to try, or it could have a known solution.

    I think the 'factory reset the iOS device' is their standard practice, so if you go to the store be prepared for them to erase it (take the classic for listening on the way home ). They may be more likely to help if you have several devices too.


    The reason for backing up to the iCloud servers is more about the app data, in theory it covers all the apps & the data that they handle (game saves, documents, photos, bookmarks). The music files are not backed up into iCloud unless you use iTunes match, but app & music purchases can be re-downloaded (confusing isn't it).

    You may be able to backup the entire device on the basic iCloud plan. Personally I backup religiously & don't use iCloud, but I hate to think of others losing data when there are a few simple options to protect it.


    The library.xml is really for other applications to read the state of iTunes files without being able to see all the other data. I have no idea if it is used on Windows, on the Mac it allows music/ videos to be picked from within other apps.


    Anyway, good luck with it :^)

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    Have marked your last post as "solved my problem".  Step 1 from your 18Dec, 1:56pm post worked.  Made sure to sync first so that any changes I'd made would get saved and then held my breath before clicking on the restore button.  Took a few hours to get everything back on it again - over 70 apps along with 25 & 11 GB of music & video (much more than that but these are the heavy hitters). Didn't have to tell it to resync everything either -- it just did.  The only things I had to 'force' it to resync were some photos and to reload GoogleMaps.  Other than that, all is well. So thanks for your detailed responses.  And.. apologies on my part for unleashing my frustration on you in my replies. 


    New iPodTouch5G arrived yesterday so today will be spent getting it set up.

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    That's good news, I'm glad you got it sorted :^)


    I recently migrated to a new iOS device, almost everything came perfectly over from the old device backup, just a couple of apps needed deleting & reinstalling (typically it was the huge RAGE game).


    Happy Xmas.

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    Hmmm.. I think I may have made a mistake .. setting up my new iPodTouch5G.. but am not so far down the wrong path that I can't reverse course.  When I connected my new Ipod to iTunes, I was given the choice of treating it 'as new' or 'restoring' it from the backup created for my old iPod.  I chose the "as new" and then proceeded to have it copy my iTunes library to it but I suspect.. from what you wrote.. that I should have restored it from what was on my old iPod. Is that correct?  And that way, all the data on my IpodTouch4G will migrate to the new iPodTouch5G? (all the data that's migratable of course).  As it is right now I still don't have any of my apps (what I was going to tackle next) or the data stored with those apps either (what i'm afraid may not migrate).  I was concerned that if I used the backup from the iPodTouch4G it wouldn't work given that they are two differennt devices. 


    So.. can I simply change course .. now that it's copied over all my music and videos .. and tell iTunes to rebuild it from a backup - assuming I can tell it which Backup to use?  I need to tell it to use the the old one.  Or will it only let me choose the backup for the new device? In which case, I'm toast.  Thanks!


    Oh heck.. I'm gonna do it.. I can see the backup it created with the old one today .. and am hoping for the best.

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    I did both steps too …


    • Created as 'new device'… play around for a while, start to realise how much time I have spent configuring the old device syncing settings in iTunes! Hmm I wonder what does 'restore' do from an old device?
    • Restore & wait … yay it seems to work really well, all the old stuff on my new device  :^)


    I had RAGE crash on launch, but it worked after a reinstall so if you have any critical apps launch them to check they are all OK. You may want to change the device name after the restore, it's a little confusing to have them the same.

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    yup -- worked nice -- and then I changed the device name to distinguish it from the old one. Gonna sit with them side by side tho and compare to see what, if anything, didn't make it -- but based on quick check of a few things (camera roll, etc) looks like all arrived safely.  At some point, will play with Siri but not yet.

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    No issues at all.. all I had to do was re-establish logins to a few of my apps ..So glad I decided to post a message to you today before I'd gone too far down the path I was on.  Now to go play with Siri.

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    Siri's OK but Google voice seems faster …



    My 3 year old laggy iOS 5 3GS with Google search generally beats Siri on an iOS 6 iPhone 5.

    Apple have some catching up to do (or just stop using hyperbole to convince us it's the going to be the best).



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    wow!! Thanks for the tip!  The revues I'm seeing for it agree with you, too.  Another app to load.