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I just went through a hassle syncing 5 mac devices to icloud.  Syncing the contacts was the most laborious as I did not read forums/suggestions first.  Should have!


Now I'm tediously working through my address book and getting rid of duplicates and merging.  One of the weird things is that there is now a # category at the end of the alphabet.  Why are certain contacts listed there and not alphabetized?  How do I get them up to the alphabetized part?  I can't tell which device they came from.


Please give me some input...



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    Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7 (34,850 points)

    Contacts in the # category are ones whose name starts with a number, rather than a letter. For example a company called "123Biz" would appear here.

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    Rick Feldkamp Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I have the same alphabetizing issue as cjwroofing. Mine is not a result of any merge process. I simply have a bunch of entries that show up under the # heading. Julian is right in theory -- this should be where items show up that begin with a number, (or perhaps any non-alpha character) but that's not what's happening. I have numerous purely alpha names that are showing up under #. Thinking that there might be invisible characters in the names, I've tried deleting the names and re-entering them, but that didn't help. Oddly, when using Bento, these very same entries alphabetize just fine, so it must be something odd about Address Book.





    Actually, while in the middle of writing the above paragraph, I did some more investigating and solved my problem. I'll post it here in case it helps others. I discovered that all of my entries that were alphabetizing incorrectly were Chinese friends. I had been using the "Phonetic Last Name" field to save their name in Chinese characters. Apparently, the Address book uses the phonetic name when alphabetizing. (Dont' know why. This seems like a flaw to me.) I moved the Chinese characters from the Phonetic field to the Nickname field and entries immediately jumped into normal alphabetical order. (This is not a great solution for me, since many of my Chinese friends also have English nicknames, but it will have to do until apple comes up with a "Foreign Name" field.)


    So check your phonetic fields to see if you have anything in them that would mess up alphabetizing.


    Also, if the name field is blank, that entry will show up under #.

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    Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (71,735 points)

    Rick Feldkamp wrote:


    the Address book uses the phonetic name when alphabetizing. (Dont' know why. This seems like a flaw to me.)


    It's actually an important feature.  It let's people with contacts in multiple languages enter a phonetic version of the non-Latin name and then have it displayed under the appropriate latin "letter".  Otherwise such names get stuck at the end of the list under #.