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So I got this email about how Apple's printer decided to cancel my Calendar today (pasted below).


Basically it was cancelled because "It appears the calendar has small month names"


  1. Who cares about the size of the calendar names?
  2. I hve iPhoto 9.4.2. Software update thinks this IS the latest version!
  3. Even if I did "preview" it (which I just did for the first time) I would not have noticed the so-called small month names. I would have sent it anyway!
  4. How is it my fault the theme needs to be changed and flipped back? Why not just send me the stupid calendar?
  5. When I now "change theme and change it back again" the month name font size is still the same size (small to the fragile print guy, fine for me).
  6. If I send in the flipped theme with the still small text, will it be cancelled again?
  7. Re. sending me the stupid calendar: Can't they see that sending this message at this date is impossible?
  8. How did they even notice the small month names? I certainly never noticed it. I hit the "Buy Calendar" button, so why don't they just take my money and let grandma have the calendar with kid photos in it? WHy do they think she cares about the font size of month names?
  9. Last question: Who wrote this inane email copy?


-- Jim



To Our Valued Apple Customer:


Apple discovered an issue with the file you submitted. It appears the

calendar has small month names. As a result, Apple is unable to process

your order and you will not be charged.


We recommend updating your software, changing the theme on your print

product, then changing it back to the original theme.


Once completed, preview your print product in iPhoto, and place the

order again.


For instructions on how to update your software, refer to:


Mac OS X - Updating your software



For instructions on how to change your theme, refer to:


iPhoto - How do I change the theme or type of my book, card, or




For instructions on how to preview your order, refer to:


How to preview an order in iPhoto or Aperture



We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.




Apple Print Products Support


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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,740 points)

    Unfortunately, it is not a joke, but extremely annoying, when you want your christmas presents delivered on time.


    The problem - the previous iPhoto release has a bug: changing fonts somewhere in the calendar may change the size of the month names as well, and make the calendar hard to read, Since people have been complaining and wanting refunds, Apple now apparently is checking before printing calendars with too tiny month names, see for example:

                                                                                                       Re: Altering text font size in a date box also irreversible resizes month font to 6 point??                                            


    And the only fix for this bug seems to be to upgrade iPhoto and to switch the to a different theme and back. The print service does not know your iPhoto version, so they are assuming you have been hit by the bug. Contact Apple Print services and explain that the book is exactly as it is supposed to be.




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    jimhere Level 2 Level 2 (455 points)

    Thanks for the info. I have/had the latest iPhoto, but I guess there was an issue in the mini calendars on the March page; Up where theres a mini February and a mini April, the word "February" was bold and April was not. Horrifying, no?



    My mother will be glad to wait on the grandchildren calendar for the sake of an instance of wrongful font-weight.



    I talked to Apple (they were actually very nice) who said they can't directly tell the anonymous vendor to "just print it". You mentioned "Apple Print Services"... is that a thing seperate from regular apple phone help? Do you have that number?

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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,740 points)

    No, I don't have any other number than the regular contact on the Apple Store page and the link to the print services help on this page, sorry.



    Usually there is a contact given on the order confirmation you receive; is that where you looked to contact Apple?

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    jimhere Level 2 Level 2 (455 points)

    ok, that's the same contact page I saw (plus it's the same phone number as on my confirmation email).


    I'll just have to resend and make grandma cry on Christmas morning <dramatic music here>.

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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,740 points)

    It is a shame. Do you have a good color printer? Perhaps print the preview of the calendar on Photo paper or take it to a print shop getbthe preview printed and bound. At least you will have something to gift-wrap while you are waiting.

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    Joe Gramm Level 5 Level 5 (6,315 points)

    If you save the calendar as PDF, most print shops will be able to print the calendar. Won't be the same paper, etc, but might save Christmas.

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    Aye Es Oh Level 2 Level 2 (330 points)

    Here is a workaround that involves a few direct edits of the database. You might want to back up your library before you try it, just in case you're squeamish about editing SQL directly.

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    jimhere Level 2 Level 2 (455 points)

    Hmmm, that does look a little scary. Good to know it's possible though.

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    Dear Jimhere,


    I had the same problem.

    It took Apple one week to explain to me what the problem was.

    In the German email they wrote about "too short month names".

    I could not guess that iPhoto messes something up.

    And the same as your problem - changing the theme does not solve the problem!


    I submitted the calendars three times, every time one calendar was printed (of 5).

    No one at Apple support or print services could explain to me what the problem was exactly.


    No one could improve it, either.


    So finally I landed here in the discussion forum.


    I used the workaround that involves editing the SQL database.

    It worked somehow, but does not revert the font 100% exactly to the state planned in the theme.


    Now, I am late for christmas and I will send the calendars to a different print service in Gemany, photographerbook.de


    Cheers, I feel your pain!



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    PatriciaStevenson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem as well and spent FIVE hours on the phone getting switched from one department to another within Apple begging someone to force the print job through so I could have the calendars by Christmas. I create an annual calendar for my entire family (25 people) and sort through over 8,000 photos of everyone to make a timeline scrapbook for our family. It took me over 40 hours to create, and I have been told that I will have to switch themes to get it printed (and thus start all over again).  The photo theme is the only one that holds all the pictures I use.   I am beyond frusterated -I have always been a loyal Apple customer and order tons of books and calendars from them.  At this point, I really don't know what to do besides wait how ever long it takes for Apple to fix the bug on their own product which they can't seem to support right now.