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I am a new Mac user, with my first Mac being a MacBook Pro Retina.  As I've spent the last week getting to know my new laptop and the Mac world, I have ended up with 3 questions I cannot seem to answer on my own.


1) How do I back up Notes?  I have created about 10 notes in the Notes application and I want to back them up, but cannot seem to find anything but the application itself.  Do I back up the whole application or are the active notes stored somewhere I just haven't found yet?  (I do all of my backups manually by dragging and dropping to an external drive.)


2) I see that the delete key on the MacBook Pro Retina keyboard behaves as the backspace key did on my PC laptop (deletes anything to the left of the cursor).  Is there a key that performs the same function as a delete key on a PC laptop (ie: deletes anything to the right of the cursor)?


3) AirDrop ... How do I make sure no one can access my Mac when they are nearby with their Mac?  Or is this a function I cannot turn on and off?


Thanks for any answers or help you can provide!!