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I am interested on buying Final Cut Studio 3, but it is proving to be an uphill struggle. I am from Spain, and the few sites I know of that sell it can't send it overseas. So what can I do to get the suite?


And please, don't even mention Final Cut Pro X, it is not my thing...


Thank you for your attention.

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    Final Cut Studio 3 is no longer available new. Amazon sold it until they ran out of stack. Your only hope is to find someone who no longer uses any part of the suite and is prepared to uninstall it and sell you the pacakage. This will mean that you will own the rights to use it. I did this with a copy of Smoke . I only use it now for the other parts .. not FCP7 , I use DVDSP and Sound Track Pro ..



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    Also, take a look at Adobe Premier. It is very close to FCP in the way it works…and can do some things that FCP never could (or that required work-around's to achieve.) There is a trial download if you want to evaluate.


    Good luck.