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My niece just bought a refurbished iPad from Apple, after I reassured her that the machine would be just as good as a brand new one.  When she booted up it for the first time, the first screen she saw said MMI at the top with a bunch of what I assume are chinese characters under the title, then "Drag to Unlock" at the bottom.  When you unlock, it goes to a screen that displays a bunch of large icons with labels under them.  For example one is a picture of a camera lens and says "Front Camera", and one for "Back Camera."  One says "Serial Number" and has a picture of a Cherios box above it.  The label "Touch" has a picture of a fingerprint above it.  Very strange stuff. And you can't get it out of this mode, whatever it is. I tried to do a system restore, but after downloading the iOS, it says it failed.  Of additional concern, when the iPad was attached to a computer, the computer describes it as having 5GB of storage.  I'm really confused.  At the very least I would have thought that Apple would have checked to make sure the iPad was working rather than leave this bizzare software installed.  Has anybody seen this?  I'm going to try to attach an image of one of the screen shots that I took with my iphone:



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    You bought it directly from the Apple Online Store? If you are absolutely certain you bought it from Apple, take it and your receipt to an Apple Store if there's one within driving distance. No doubt they'll be fascinated to see what has happened! I'd wager they'll capture the iPad and return it to the factory, then give you a replacement on the spot.


    In a nutshell -- if this is actually from Apple.com! -- it would appear that it was accidentally left in a testing state: a technician in China would use the app you describe to test the various functions on the refurbished iPad before it is released for final sale.

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    It was bought from the apple online store.  Taking it to a brick and mortor apple store is not really convenient.  It's about 150 miles away.

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    They'll still want it back. Call the Apple Store help line at 1-800-MY-APPLE and describe the issue, being sure to tell them it was like this out of the box. The Chinese characters will probably help them figure out what happened. :^P


    Good luck!