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Am I right in thinking iCloud is allowing spam distribution ????


Here is part of the header....


Subject:Protect your Mac with MacKeeper

From:MacKeeper <jorqfgrqfa@aol.com>

Date:28 December 2012 8:53:38 AM NZDT




Received:from nk11p00mm-smtpin125.mac.com ([]) by ms04563.mac.com (Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7u4-26.01( 64bit (built Jul 13 2012)) with ESMTP id <0MFP009VUGMCTZC1@ms04563.mac.com>


It arrived via my @me.com address.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 17"
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    I also was spammed today by MacKeeper.  This problem will continue until folks directly confront Apple with the spam issue (and the potential breach of their icloud system).  You must insist that Apple change their spam policy and block ALL forms of spam and not try to rely on an ineffective SPAM folder as the answer to this problem.  Any email message that reaches your spam folder is effective adverstising and promotion, whether you open it or not.  Ideally, I would like the option to receive email only from those approved by me in advance.

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    I agree totall.  Still, I have learned that with big corporation if there is not money in it they wont do it.  The $$$ is king and too bad about what mere customers think.  This MacKeeper crap pops up all over the place. Even on speed test web sites where the host site should know better.

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    Getting fed up with this. If does not stop I will not be paying you for the service anymore. I've read up on what to do and place these emails in the junk folder so you can take care of it. Don't like dr oz don't like overhyped trash software don't like uninvited emails period. I do like my Mac emai but I might as well not pay for what I can get for free.

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    Best way to fight MacKeeper is to do 10,000 Google searches a day for "MacKeeper SPAM".  Then anyons searches MacKeeper it will come up top of the list as SPAM crap which is is.

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    There is a serious problem with spam on iCloud right now, possibly all from the same person or group.  The "To:" address you posted has also been used for the Dr.Oz spam.  See this thread:


    Dr.Oz Diet Spam

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    I just received an email today from Mackeeper to my iCloud address and it was obviously spam. Than you click on unsubscribe and it asks for your email address....I'm skeptical that will work lol  I am very disappointed in Apple, any idea how to contact Apple about this issue?

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    Never click on unsubscribe links in spam emails! That's a sure-fire way to guarantee you get even more spam!


    Why are you disappointed in Apple? All email accounts get spam. Spammers constantly find new ways to get around the spam filters that email providers have in place, and it can take a short while for the filters to be updated.


    You can speed up the spam identifying process by forwarding spam email as an attachment to spam@me.com, move them to the Junk mail folder or mark them as spam.


    See: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4019

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    Do not click on unsubscribe links in spam emails as it confirms a valid email address and you will only get more.


    Why is it Apple's problem?  All providers email accounts are a target for spam, either by guesswork or by users inadvertantly posting their email address in public forums.