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It has now been 26 hours since I notified itunes of the fact that my iTunes card that I purchased does not work and I am pulling my hair out in frustration. For the life of me I can not understand how it is possible for a company as big as apple to treat there customers with such disregard. At least with a call centre you are able to speak to a real person get a prompt response and know that the matter is being dealt with, instead they only provide an email support team and have there customers waiting for who knows how long (26 hours and still counting) leaving there customers who are having trouble feeling neglected frustrated and bitter!

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    You can't even spell 'their' right. Couldn't you bother to look it up? And you forgot the 'get' and on and on.


    You should feel bitter. You're a jerk. Apple people work their whole lives perfecting products for people like you who can't spell and all you can do is complain? My God man, what is wrong with you? And by the way, where exactly did you get that card?

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    Did you forget to take your meds today Mark or is your IQ so low you can not win an argument on the actual topic, you have to resort to insults instead. What on earth does grammar and spelling have to do with iTunes not having its own call centre, or people being paid to perfect products have to do with apple making it difficult and long winded to get a matter resolved. To answer your question I brought the iTunes card from Target which is a major department store in Australia, which is also completely irrelevant to this issue.

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    You'll probably have better luck posting your question in the iTunes forum than the Developer forum, as it will be seen be people who have a similar interest (and may have useful advice or solutions for you).