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I am a photographer.  I use an iMac as my main computer.  With Leopard and Snow Leopard I had no problem at all using mySanDisk firewire flash card reader or in transferring data to and from my Epson P7000 portable hard disk.  I recently upgraded to Lion.  Now I cannot use either my card reader or my Epson and this is seriously affecting my work flow.  Fortunately I can still connect my Canon EOS 5D III, 5DIII and 7D to the computer via USB, but this is very slow and is also causing me difficulties as far as updating camera firmware is concerned (there are now also problems with the operation of EOS Utility !).


(I have heard that going into Applications/Utilities/XQuartz.app might be able to save the day but I do not have this on my computer and have not found it in the app store).


Can anyone outthere help - or give me hope?

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    Is the problem that the Card Reader and portable hard disk do not appear on the desktop?

    Click on the desktop, and go to the menu Finder > Preferences.

    On the General tab, check all the devices you with to see on the desktop:



    If this is not the problem, post back.



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    Thank you for this.  I have done as you suggest and Finder Preferences set up is as per your helpful illustration, but there is still no joy.  Nothing shows on the desk top.   However, something very strange has happened.  I loaded again the Canon EOS Utility .   When I open it, if I then put a flash card with images  into the SanDisk, the images show up on the EOS browser (with the option to import them) and then, if I open Lightroom, I have the possibility to import them there instead. The EOS browser does not let me see the same images from the same card in my Lexar USB card reader, even now.


    Also, if I do not open the EOS browser, the iMac does not let Lightroom see the images on the SanDisk card reader (which was previously (with Snow Leopard) recognised as "EOS device" (the EOS browser also recognises now it under the same name).  I did not have EOS Utility loaded when all was well under Snow Leopard.

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    Not yet.  I shall do so via the link you have provided. Thank you for this - I hope that they have an answer for the P7000.

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    I loaded again the Canon EOS Utility

    It sounds as though you have the Canon software set to import directly. You need to check your various Preference settings (in the Canon software, in iPhoto, and in any other image import application such as Image Capture) to see what you have indicated as options. If you don't want it to go directly into any type of software, but rather have the chance to look at the pics before making a decision, then you also need to check the CD & DVD Pane in System Preferences to see what you have set up there (mine is set to ignore, meaning that if I insert anything, the icon will show up on the desktop and nothing else will happen other than that):


    Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 3.17.28 PM.png