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I have a Pioneer DEH-P7000BT. I can connect my iPhone 5 just fine. I can play music on BT Audio just fine, I can recieve calls, works perfect. When I turn my truck off then back on, I can still recieve calls through it perfectly. However, when I turn my truck off/on, The iPhone won't auto connect to the BT AUDIO. It just says no connection. I have to manually reconnect everytime, I turn my truck off. It is driving me insane. Other peoples phones auto connect perfectly. The problem is the iPhone 5. Any soloutions? I just don't understand, how it can not be connected but I still recieve calls through the head unit no problem. Help, please.

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    I'm pretty sure there isn't a fix for the BT audio reconnect issue. Didn't work with my iPhone 4 and still doesn't work with my 5. Once you master the interface of the most confusing stero ever built you can reconnect without thinking twice. I don't see a fix coming anytime soon :/

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    can you give me a step by step? i cant get the BT Audio to connect.