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Hi all - having an issue sending to more than one external editor.


I send to a NIK plugin (color efex), apply a fillter and then save.


After that I may want to send to Photoshop.


If I make any ajustments in Aperture (to the filtered file - the new TIFF master) before sending to the second external editor thos adjustments will be ignored.


For example -


I start with a RAW file.  I make adjustments in Aperture.  All Good.

I send this to Color Efex and give it a cross process.  Save.

Back in Aperture i now have a TIFF file (cross processed).

If I then (for the sake of this example) completely desaturate the color (now its black and white) and then send this TIFF to photoshop using the send to external editor command the image in photoshop will be *color* - with the cross processing on it.


If I cancel this and then go back to Aperture and send the Black and White Picture to Colour effects again, it's also not black and white.


In summery the adjustments made after the first "send to external editor" do not carry to the second "send to external editor"


(It should be noted that any  adjustments made before the first "send to external editor" do in fact carry to the external editor.  It's only the second round that does not.)


Am i looking at a bug here?


Any others had this experience.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)