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Ok.... i found out whats wrong with my phone. doing my research and common sense, i've come to the conclusion the my iphone is having corrosion problems. i noticed first in the iphone charger. it was turning blue and stuff. now i see a little corrosion on my iphone dock. someone please help!! what should i do. i see people are saying that they went to apple and they charged them up to $200 to get it fix and more stuff

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    An out of warranty replacement is $199.

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    i know that. i dont have 200 just to waste on getting an outdated phone. so far ive had been brushing the dock connector and it has been working. do you know any other home ways to fix it or will i come out cheaper getting someone other than apple to repair it.

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    Nope. The iPhone is not user servicable. You could try to find a competent repair shop near you, but if you go that route, you will forfeit the right to a discounted out of warranty replacement.


    The iPhone 4S is anything but "outdated". It would cost you far more than $200 to purchase a new one.

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    ok thanks and by outdated i dont mean old technology but with $200 i could get the new iphone 5, and soon an iphone 5s is coming out so i rather wait to get the 5s that repair this phone so far by me brushing the dock, its been working normally.