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I have an older 60GB ipod running software 1.3 and my iMac has iTunes 11



I am syncing a playlist to my ipod of approximently 10,000 songs. If I interupt the syncing, when I start it again, it will not complete, it will stick on 2 of XXXX. (xxxx being the songs still to be imported)

The progress bar will slowly go the the end but no songs will be put on the iPod.

The only way I can get it to fully sync is to restore the iPod, then sync and be careful I don't interupt it.


Now all 10 K songs are on the iPod. I've added another 88 songs to the playlist but again it gets stuck importing 2 of 88.


The only way I know to get those 88 songs into the iPod is to restore and start from scratch.



Any ideas???

iPod classic, iOS 1.x