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Recently (might be since the last update?) Pages app on my iPad keeps crashing druing basic operations on tables. It is impossible to work with. My iPad software is up to date. I tried deleting Pages and re-downloading it. The problem persists.

Also, how stupid is it, that I cannot get in touch with Apple regarding support for their own app which I bought three months ago, just because my iPad warranty has expired? I paid for the app seperatly after all, a long time after I bought my iPad...

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    I have the same issue on my new Ipad 4. Shocking that it keeps crashing especially when using this app for business. I can understand some third party apps crashing but Apples own is ridiculous.


    Can Apple Help??????

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    By troubleshooting I've noticed the same issue and found my way to your post. There is a bug with tables. Using tables is an essential function of word processing for many people. This bug is crippling the app near unusable.


    I was about to uninstall and reinstall to see if it fixes the problem, and I thank you for telling the community it does not. It multiplicatively saves everyone time.