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I have a Pages document on my iMac. I store it on a WebDav share on my NAS. I can edit and save this document from my iMac. However, when I try to open it from my iPad the document shows up as a directory?? In this directory there are several files, but no Pages-document. There is a PDF called "Preview" with the text from the document.


I am confused about this, why can I edit this document from my iMac but not from my iPad?


When I look at the document on the iMac via Terminal, I see that it is a directory on the iMac too. So somehow Pages on iPad does not recognize the document/directory?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hmm, I guess the document became corrupted somehow when I was saving/copying it between my iMac, iCloud and the WebDav share. I selected all text in the document on the iMac and saved that in a new document. Now I can edit and save it without any problem on my iMac and iPad.