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I got my 13' macbook pro at Christmas in 2011. It was working fine until a few months ago then I was sitting on my laptop and it froze and started making these 3 beeps repetedly. I turned my computer off and then back on and it was fine. A week or so later it happened again, I googled it and everything but most people get the beeping noises on startup mine just happens randomly. Should I just leave it or take it in to the apple store?? Does anyone know how much it would cost???

Thanks For the Help!!!!!!!!


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Your RAM chips are bad, or loose.  You can research "checking RAM," and "Changing RAM" to see what to do. I was also a total nerd at doing anything to my Mac, but I went on Other World Computing, found the right RAM, and then looked at the video about how to change it.  It was easy, really. 

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    Would it be better if I took it to apple or would they charge me? I only had a 1 year waranty on my laptop and it expired thanks for the help!!!!

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    If you are uncomfortable trying to do these things by yourself, then yes, do take it into the Apple Store.  They know exactly how to do this in no time. They may charge you for new RAM, but if this makes you nervous, it's worth it.  And if anything need tweaking afterward, it's on Apple, not you.


    It may be one of the chips came loose, in which case, they can fix it in 5 minutes.