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Hi Guy's,


I purchased a website from seriftemplates.com (urban light) and they said I need to convert my video format to MV4 or OGG. Does iMovie come in any of these formats?


I downloaded iMovie to my iPhone as my Mac Book is not working at the moment so I can' t convert or export it there. Im using a Windows based machine at the mo.


Can anyone give me any tips on how to go about this please?






iMovie (iOS), Windows Vista
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    Probably they meant M4V.

    iMovie will by default save movies as M4V.

    When you finish your project, use SHARE/EXPORT MOVIES and pick the sizes you need. Tell iMovie where to save them (pick a folder where you can find them.)

    They should all be M4v, but the very largest sizes, like 1920x1080 may be MOV instead.


    I am not sure what format iPhone uses, but you can try it and see.

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    Thank you AppleMan 1958 for your rapid response, I didn't imagine I'd get the answer that quick :)


    I'm using my pc at the mo. so ill let you know how I get on.


    Best Wishes for 2013 and keep up the good work,


    Jon Wilson

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    another assumption from here:

    perhaps mp4 - which is by far more 'universal' than m4v.


    (ogg is an open source audio codec - we neglect that)


    the fastest way is:

    export from within iMovie with any preset.

    results in a m4v or mov.


    open that file with free MpegStreamclip

    go straight to Save As and select in drop down mp4


    the resulting 'video' should be playable on 99% of actual devices .......




    ======== E D I T =========


    oops - Windows Vista??

    sorry, no idea, beyond my skills


    iMovie for iPhone?

    ask the experts here


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    Karsten makes a good point. MP4 is much more common than M4V.

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    Hi Guy's,


    Thanks for those last 2 comments.


    Please see below what is in the manual for what the the website requires:



    You can host your own videos with the Urban template! Upload videos to your server and display them through the custom video player.






    We’ve used jPlayer an HTML5 and jQuery player, this means your videos will be accessible on virtually all devices.


    Adding your Video


    To allow for compatibility across all platforms you will need to provide your video in 2 formats M4V and OGV there are many free converters available online.


    Go to the Video page and double click the HTML Code Fragment on the page, this will bring up a pop-out window with the code that manages the video file locations.


    An example of the video code looks like this:


    m4v: "http://www.jplayer.org/video/m4v/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.m4v",

    ogv: "http://www.jplayer.org/video/ogv/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.ogv",


    Edit the file location of your M4V and OGV video files. We’ve set up some folders in the WebPlus File Manager to house you files. Tools > Site Manager > File Manager > Audio > MP3 or OGG. If you use these file locations update the file path in the code:





    If you’re planning on adding extra videos or have a large video, it may be better to add them directly to the server and link to them in the code to prevent your WebPlus file getting too large.