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Okay, so my fancy new car stereo has an SD card slot, and the stereo reads a file structure so I can have folders for each Artist, and in that a flofer for each album, with MP3 files inside. I can see tha ther easiest way to populate an SD card is to copy the artist folders directly from the itunes music folder in Finder.


But... all my MP3s in iTunes are ripped at 192kbs, and to fit more on an SD card I'd like to use smaller versions.


Can't work out a way to do this easily. I can create lower bitrate verions using "create new version" but there are then stored in the same folders so I get two copies of each song. Can anyone sugegst a way of exporting a whole batch of songs (several thousand) to a new folder at a reduced bitrate?


Or converting a batch?


Or suggest some other idea to create a reduced bitrate SD card without having to look at each MP3 file idividually (which all the solutions I've considered so far seem to need).