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My iPad 2 (fully updated) calendar is crashing when viewing March 2013 in month view.


I can view March 2013 in day and week view, but when switching to month view, it crashes.

If I disable birthdays from contact persons, it does not crash.

I I delete all contacts that has birthday in March (and enable birthdays), it crashes again.


This is very annoying as I several times had to completely delete all contacts and calendars as it got stuck on month view for March 2013 and therefor kept crashing the second it was opened.


Suggestions anyone?



iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    The forum suggested an answer. Just ignore this post.

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    this is a know bug and has been covered in many threads here.

    If you remove all day events (such as birthdays) it fixes the problem - but you already worked it out yourself.

    Some users had to remove 1st April 2013 Easter Monday whole day event.

    work around is to change the birthday from all day event to a shorter period of time on that day.

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    I have a 1 week old iPad and have the same problem. Went to Apple store. The Genius behind the bar told me to update to iOS 6.0.2. Tried that - no update available. Why are some people on this thread asking Apple to please fix it?

    This is a £120B cash company charging a lot of money for a product that doesn't work.