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I have a google calendar linked to iCal.  Every time I open iCal, I get a server error message that my username or password is incorrect and then iCal quits unexpectedly.  I can't even turn off that calendar because it doesn't stay open long enough. My calendar is working fine on my ipad.  It's just on my mac book pro running 10.6.


Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Quit iCal. Open the Calendars folder in ~/Library. (~ represents your home directory)


    Select one of the calendar folders (names like 2F42EE3F-854A-4B39-8B64-39B5B7700F6E.calendar) and then select the info.plist in it. Click Preview, and towards the end of the listing you will see


    <string>name of calendar</string>

    Repeat these steps until you have located the calendar folder for the google calendar. Drag that folder to the Desktop, then restart iCal.

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    I removed every folder that had anything related to google.com, and I still get this message:


    The server did not recognize your user name or password for account “(myaccountname@googlemail.com.” Make sure you enter them correctly


    Then it crashes again.