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I've spent hours working on a document in pages that has a mix of varying text formatting, image positioning (Inline, floating, in background), tables, shapes, grouping, page breaks, lists....  it's a slight mess.


Didn't start having this problem until recently, something that I have changed in the document now causes this to happen:


I add some text to a certian middle page in the document, and save it. The document appears in perfect condition while I leave Pages open, as soon as I Quit the application and restart it - some (lots) of my images and grouped shapes (diagrams) shift up the document, overlapping and underlapping text and causing images to disappear and it becomes a mess of colorful nonsense.

I've tried clearing the Pages preferences, copying and pasting certain bits in different ways - but I'm really lost as to what could be the issue.


I have to finish writing this very soon (2-3 days MAX) and I can't continue while it is messed up like this - and it is far too long to retype into a fresh document.


I've tried 'sorting' the mess out, but it's hopeless because it all gets messed up again as soon as I restart the app.


This is Pages '09 V4.3


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Pages '09 Version 4.3
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    It sounds like you have lots of images with text wrap on, mixed in with text (without using exactly for line sapcing) and possibly are using returns, spaces and tabs to position the work. This can lead to unpredictability because material can pop over or off pages.


    It is also possible you are saving to Word .doc which changes the line spacing and the way text leads off on the first line of a page.


    Structure the document more systematically, using inline images, styles and setting line spacing to "exactly".


    DO NOT hammer away at returns, tabs and the spacebar to push things into place. Use specified spacing and single tab positioning to layout the document.