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I am trying to install the following command line IRC client:




I follow the instructions listed there:


$ wget www.bitchx.com/download/ircii-pana-1.1-final.tar.gz

$ tar xvfz ircii-pana-1.1-final.tar.gz

$ cd BitchX

$ ./configure

$ gmake

$ gmake install_local


I figured out to use curl instead of wget and besides that everything went fine untill I ran the configure script.  It apparently tries to compile the gmake program that I was to call next however I got an error:


"checking for gcc...gcc" (which seems fine but then the next line)

"checking for C compiler default output...configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"


And so I am stuck at that point.  I'll note that I have XCode installed.  Also I am open to any command line IRC client so if you have a better one to suggest please feel free.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 21.5" i5 2.7 8GB RAM 1TB HD GT640M