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hi all here is what they are selling I was told I cant up grade the OS but that fine I just want to make sure ram can be up graded and hard drive? and for sure will work wireless in my area thanks http:/http://peterborough.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-computers-Apple-PowerBook-G3- 400-W0QQAdIdZ443838511 thanks and what does PC card do? they said I may need one and may not ?

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    they want 50.00 for it I for got to mention.

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    A G3 Powerbook is completely obsolete. You will not be able to run any up to date applications, nor use the latest versions of Flash or Javascript, so you will have many problems on the internet.


    Not even worth 50.00!

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    $50 (£27) says it all really.


    My agreement is with Klaus1, these are obsolete and it would struggle with today's Internet extensions like flash and HTML5.

    A PC card would be used for expansion, like wireless cards or Ethernet cards

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    50 dollars is pretty cheap entertainment these days. You can always use an external wireless module if the Airport non extreme card does not connect as I have done with my 1999 iBook. Many do not experience the fun factor in working with older hardware in order to keep it working. I have a bunch of older Mac stuff I enjoy keeping in functioning condition. Even some software I like needs a 68040 CPU to function and I can use it on my Powerbook 540c. If you like it go for it.


    What's new is not necessarily needed, and what's old is not automatically obsolete.


    Some links:







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    If the OP wants to stay with PowerPC, I would recommend STRONGLY the last model PowerBook. He can choose the 15 inch DLSD or the 17 inch DLSD.. It runs at 1.67 ghz and uses much better and up to date hardware and will run circles around any G3 PowerBook out there..


    If not a G4, then any 2006-2007 or 2008 MacBook Pro will also do the job - if you need to run the latest and greatest. I have a PowerBook G4 Pismo(was G3 500) and even though its a G4 550 it still struggles on the web.

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    If you're going to use it for email, word processing, and basic graphics it will be fine, but you would need to track down applications that are over 10 years old because nothing close to new will run properly. YouTube will be a disaster; HD video is not even possible on that hardware except maybe at a frame rate of one every second or so.


    Most smartphones today are more powerful than a PowerBook G3. I still run my G3 Pismo 500MHz, but frankly you would have a lot more fun with an iPod touch.

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    No. I recently passed a G3/500 PowerBook down for £5 just because I didn't have the space. It's only worth it really if you're a Apple collecting fanatic (like me) .

    It would be fine as a basic word processing machine but probably not as a main machine. YouTube, Twitter etc. would probably just crash the machine (even with TenFourFox, Classilla etc.)

    Go for a PowerBook G4 instead, preferably 1GHz or above. You'll be a lot more happy. Or, as Network 23 said, an iPod Touch.

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    thanks I am getting a I pad mac soon from a friend for 315.00 I owe only 115.00 then I prob will trash this sucker or give as a gift to some one for emails and net use but will warn them not to use youtube