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I can;t have my pictures on tv screen unless I go through I tunes normallly screen mirroring is not possible.

Question is; Do I have to buy a third generation apple tv or is it possible to to upgrade second generation apple tv for screen mirroring through desktop selection? If Ican How can I upgrade the software?



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Apple TV, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), second gen apple tv
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    in terms of airplay mirror and photos the appletv 2g and 3g work 100% the same


    both can access a shared lib and show photos which they store temp in their cache

    both can can be used as remote display/audio from an mac which support airplay mirror most macs don't support airplay mirror


    the program called airparrot can make airplay mirror work on macs which are too old to support airplay mirror but it will not perform as well as real airplay mirror supporting macs