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Good morning,

I have deployed 5 Applle-TV boxes. These are a mix of version 2 & 3. My server is a windows 7 home premium 64 bit. My Itunes is running ver 11 and the apple-tv's are running ver 5.11 . All dev ices show that they are up to date. None of them can pull up My Computer. I have restarted my server. I can see everything on my server in Itunes. I have 197 movies ( Mostly HD) and 276 TV shows. 1500 music selections  3000 pictures. This entire collection is on  a dedicated ESATA 2TB drive that is almost full.  I would love to split to several drives but that isn't an issue right now. I'm in the process of copying over  from the 2TB to a 3TB drive.

99% of the time the only thing that this maching is running is Itunes, unless I'm adding another movie to the server.


Have I hit a limit ?

Can I run multiple instances of Itunes with different smaller libraries that can be accessed from any of my Apple-Tv's ?

All Apple-TV's and the PC are all hard wired 100MB/Full  no errors on network side.

Windows PC, Windows 7, 11.x Itunes