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I have purchased some books on my iPad from iBooks and my mom got an iPad for Christmas and I want to transfer the books over to her iPad so she can read them without having to purchase the books all over again. Is there a way to do this? If so please share :) Thank you!!

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    all ios devices which use the same appleID have access to the same books

    and sync their bootmarks so you can continue reading on whatever device you pick up

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    If her device is on a different apple ID, then you have to chose if she wants to reset hers and set it up with your apple ID - thus losing access to things she's bought under her ID - or look for another way.


    Linking the books to a singular ID is a theft prevention device. Doesn't do them much good to sell you a copy if - theoretically of course - a person can then toss that book up on the net and let everyone get at it.(not accusing and no offense, just an example)  And while some other services, like I think Kindle and Amazon has the ability for a person to 'loan' their book to another account, iBooks doesn't have that.


    If she's looking for cost effective ways to read books, many libraries have e-books you can check out, usually for free. The only 'catch' is that you have a specific number of weeks to get them read.