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When I connected my iPhone 5 to itunes it said it couldn't read the device and I had to restore it.

After I did this I signed in with my primary Apple ID, that I use for iCloud,  Mail, iMessage, Photo Stream etc. However most of my purchases & iTunes Match have been made on another Apple ID (that I used before iCloud was introduced)

Now when I try and turn on iTunes match using this ID I get a message saying:


"This device is already associated with an Apple ID. You can use iTunes Match on this device with just one apple ID every 90 days.  This device can be used with another Apple ID in 33 days"


This is very very frustrating as I didn't realise what I had done when signing into the iPhone. I have sent a message to Apple to see if they can reset this before the 33 days so I can sign in with the correct ID for match.


Anyone else had a similiar problem? I hope that there will be away in future of merging ID's so that this problem doesn't happen - I'm sure it's very common!




iPhone 5, iOS 6