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I had experimented with a new wireless router accessing it from my iPhone and so this unencrypted wireless network was added to my preferred networks list.


This weekend I was in a restaurant and noticed that my iPhone had connected wirelessly to some nearby wireless network with the default name still on it - which I had not told the device to join. It was my bad for forgetting to turn off WiFi, but this shouldn't have happened.


I "forgot" the network immediately, and know I can completely purge the list with a network settings reset, but I would like to just remove specific networks without removing all of them.


Is there a way to do that?


If the networking software would check the MAC address and store that as part of the SSID and other network information, it would greatly reduce the chances of finding yourself connected to a network you did not intend to connect to. Obviously this could still be spoofed by a malicious attacker, but it would add a layer of protection.


In addition, it appears that iOS devices beacon for wireless networks which gives an attacker sniffing packets a list of networks that any particular iDevice is looking to join. Can that be modified to where the device only listens to access points that are broadcasting? If a iDevice operator wants to join a network that doesn't broadcast an SSID, obviously it has to broadcast that request to join, but that then becomes a known instead of having the iPhones and iPads just hand over a list of networks to any potential attackers in range.


I believe these features, if added, could go a long way to increase security on iDevices.


But anyway, is there a way to view and prune the list of "preferred" networks to forget a network that is not in range and beaconing?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2