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I try to set up the FTP server in OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion with the Server app (2.2). So far, all services are running but I'm not able to make files visible over internet or local access. I can change the directory to any custom or predefined share and give all users full access (read & write) to all files in that share but no file is showing up. I tried to access the FTP server locally with a FTP application and the same with a web FTP proxy. Files that I copied to the selected share will not show up on the FTP server. In fact, not a single file is visible.


Maybe this has something to do with anonymous access. I want a public folder, accessible from outside (internet). I really don't know whether anonymous access is possible with OS X FTP server nor whether I should create special users for FTP access. The server application is not very helpful regarding this.


Which rights and users should configured in FTP server? How to set up generic anonymous access?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I am having a similar problem. I have files automaticly uploading via FTP. This works perfectly on my older desktop but on my MBP with mountain lion, the files only display one or two at a time and only show newer files when the first ones are deleted.


    The same behavior occures when using the ftp enable script in the terminal app.


    Not exactly the same but similar.


    Why did apple take the simple FTP toggle away??? My 13 year old Mac wins this battle and remains on the shelf

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    Where is the anonymous FTP root?  I can't configure write access for anonymous and I can't find where to put files for anonymous to read.  I intend to have a public facing anonymous temporary storage space; I have a scheduled job so that all files in the share >2 hours old will get deleted, so I'm not worried about abuse.