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Hi Everyone


This morning one of my hard-disks failed in my Mac Pro. I have an Early 2008 Mac Pro with 4 x 300G SAS Drives (Seagate ST330065SS) configured in RAID 0 to maximise read and write performance. (I'm backing up with Time Machine)


Given that the disks are now 5 years old I figure that I might as well replace them all.  The question is, what should I replace them with?  My objective is still to maximimise performance --- and hopefully increase performance for this 2008 machine.


I checked out the Segate page for SAS drives (http://www.seagate.com/internal-hard-drives/enterprise-hard-drives/hdd/cheetah-1 5k) and there current equivalent drive seems great: 15K revs, 600GB capacity, and SAS 6Gbps inteface.  But ...


1. is this disk compatibile, given the faster interface?

2. can my old Mac Pro make any use of the 6Gbps (I think the current version is 3Gbps)

3. would an alternate disk be just as good but cheaper?


Thanks for any advice.


Kind regards

-- dave

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Mac Pro Early 2008 w/ Apple RAID
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    To use SAS drives, you need to keep the Apple RAID card.


    The Apple RAID card is limited to a maximum of 2.2TB per drive. If you install a larger drive, the rest of the drive (beyond 2.2TB) cannot be accesssed.


    The Apple RAID card is limited to SATA II (as is the Mac Pro with no RAIDcard).


    The data stream from a single Rotating drive or RAID cannot overwhelm the SATA II bus speed, so having SATA III is not an advantage for rotating drives.


    The Apple RAID card precludes the use of SSD in the main drive bays, but you can put one in an optical bay with the ODD ports and some chaeater cables, or install one on a PCIe slot card.

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    Thanks Grant, I hadn't realised the Apple RAID card was quite so limited.


    Do you suggest I simply replace with the original Seagate ST330065SS, or is there any other drive that you would recommend?


    Thanks again

    -- dave

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    If you have somehow avoided issues with the Apple RAID card consider  yourself lucky probably.


    SSDs, 10K WD VRs (180MB/sec) and the large latest enterprise 7.2k drives using software RAID are all fine.


    The RAID card for data only and RAID5 and boot the system on independent drive - and bus.


    WD 10K VR 250GB $100 / same as say Samsung 128GB SSD / 1TB WD Black - for your system


    4 x 2TB for your data (I tend to shorten the partition volumes if I want to force using 1/2 the drives faster tracks).


    10K VR 1TB are also very affordable and solid units.