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Hi all

I'm having a major issue. I created a rather large Keynote presentation on my Mac Desktop. It is 5GB, mainy b/c there is alot of video in it. I need to transfer this file from my mac to an iPad. Actually, I need to be able to share the file with quite a few iPads. The file is way too big to email obviously. I've tried a few things.

1) The iTunes method where you Copy from iTunes by connecting the ipad to my computer. But when I do this, it basically loads the entire file on the ipad but then Keynote just closes and when I open it back up the file is not there. It is a 16gb ipad and it says it has 8gb of space left. Is my file too big?


2) The other method I tried was dropbox. But, once again when I tried to download the file on the iPad, it got about 3/4 of the way through then Dropbox gives me a message "unable to view file".


So I am thinking that the file is just too big for the ipad to handle? Is there any way of reducing a file thats so big? I did a test run with a keynote presentation that was just 5 slides with a couple pictures and it transferred over fine. Wish I could change a lot fo the presentation and remove some videos but the client already approved it and likes it. I just can not seem to find a way to get this presentation on to an iPad. Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much.



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    It sounds like the presentation might be too big for Keynote. I know that a lot of my work spreadsheets won't open in Numbers iPad. One other option, depending on how it looks/works, might be to export the presentation as a quicktime video (on the Mac), the import it & run it on the iPad video app. Or try one of the other export options. You can do it as HTML, PPT, or iPod (I don't know what that one is). One of those options might work for you.


    Another option might be breaking it up into multiple keynote files (if the client can use it that way). Or maybe try an alternate presentation software package on the iPad. I'm really not familiar with any other than Keynote, but maybe there is something that can handle larger files.


    Sorry I couldn't be more help. Hopefully someone else comes along that knows more about iPad Keynote. Good luck & let us know if you find any workable solutions.

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    One more option might be to reduce the video sizes a bit to slim down the file size.

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    thank guys. i ended up reducing all the video files and also making sure they were all .MOV, some of them were .mpeg and the iPad can;t read .mpeg. That ended up working and getting the file down to about 500mb and I was able to get it on to the ipad.


    Now I'm just wondering how to get the audio to play through the projector?


    Thanks for the help.

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    Definitely no expert on this, but I think that if you are using an HDMI connector to connect the iPad to the projector, it will carry the sound. If not, you are using any other adapter, you need to use a seperate cable to carry sound from the headphone jack on the iPad to the sound input connectors on the projector. If the projectors use regular RCA inputs, they sell an adapter that plugs into both. I got one really cheap on ebay that works fine.