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Hi I need some help with Pages  I've had to use Pages to draw an organisational chart. Word couldn't cope with layout so I used Pages to create it freehand. The chart is landscape and needs to remain that orientation and size in order to be read. Now I need to insert the chart into a portrait document. I've tried rotating the chart but that just mucks up the positioning of the boxes so they sit on top of each other. The only way I can see to do it is to make the chart a pdf and insert it that way. Surely that's not how it should be done.


Any ideas?



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    MsWord actually has far superior tools than Pages for making Organisational charts.


    Printing or exporting a pdf and reimport that as a graphic is the best method to ensure it doesn't mess up.


    Have you tried grouping the chart in Pages and rescaling the group? The text won't scale but everything else should and if you used styles for the text you can quickly adjust those to make them fit.



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    Thanks Peter - I did try Word's hierarchical chart buttons/ formatting, but either I or it couldn't cope with the layout (relationships between job roles) required for the organisational structure, making it impossible to read.  In theory it should have taken me about 10 minutes to do it in Word, but unfortunately not.


    I could try rescaling the chart but think that is likely to make at least one of the charts illegible, even if I changed the text. I think a pdf insert or merging (once all the document is done and has to be sent off as pdf) will have to be the answer.


    Thanks for trying to help.