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    Thank you for your message, I am pleased that I could be of help.

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    All, I have one last question. Got the Time Capsule / Fios network going the other day. Have the Time Capsule hard-wired the Fios Router (although about 50 feet away on another floor). Simply set the Time Capsule to Bridge Mode and all was fine.


    Now I need to add an access point in the house to complete the coverage. I have a new Airport Express (n). The house is wired pretty well so I can add the Airport almost anywhere and hard wire it as well.


    I think that the best approach is to hardwire the Airport in a location that will cover the rest of the house with the Wifi signal of the Time Capsule (same network). If I hardwire, what are the settings/steps I need to follow to confirgure this to work properly?


    I'm sure it's pretty simple, but I'm a former tech geek, not a current one.



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    I think you need to do the  initial backup over an ethernet direct cable personally--I have tried doing backups to drives connected to my airport extreme (not TC) and it is pitifully slow as if anyone else is using your net-usually are in my house-you are also clogging up the air with a backup--I don't know of many people who do their initial backup via wifi but maybe I missed something-once the initial one is done then the TC uses only the delta/changes made that day so that backup is fairly trivial unless you are generating videos  or DVD images via IDVD to backup to your drive/TC---anyway--as I don't own TC I am just entering a thought--I personally have FIOS and do not use the FIOS router for anything period other than as a WAN port that serves to give out IPS from the DHCP server with a hard wired conection-I physically go in and turn off the VZ wifi net as I found it can interfere and actuallly sow down your net-although it should not if you choose your 802.11 channels discretely why put all that extra junk in the air if you don't need it and have an Apple router-if you don't that is different but as someeone said-its pretty tough to get most Apple stuff to connect to the  poowerful but not very user friendly FIOS routeers with the 2 antennas on them--I dont like idea of getting double blasted with wifi either even though its not macrowave I figure its still signals interfering and not even being used at least by me....


    I let my extreme be the hub--I can connect by blackberry (argh yeah its a hand me down) to the FIOS router but none of the apple devices liked it and its not really a delay as long as you don't enable NAT or some stupid thing like that where each packet has to be re- IP addressed for your local network (even NAT is done if quick caches of flash or firmware FPGas so  I think there is not delay of significance for say running DHCP and NAT with local say addressing  but I always just use bridge mode and let the IP from DHCP go the the FIOS router which then in turn passes out 192.168.m.n IPs to my local network and it seems faster that way--it worked running NAT and DHCP but pretty sure it was a lot slower (I have a 1st gen extreme so that may be part of reason)..anyway...mainly just thoughts on initial backup-even though 802.11n says it can run 54mbs, practically speaking most people extend via another hop router and then you are really asking for trouble doing your backups via wifi-initially that is...good luck, if I am wrong on this welcome correction..BP ALso yes is how you connect to FIOS router and then the passwords are noe embedded on side, no longer WEB but WPA2 and they provide an actual passwerd isntead of having you read the long ugly MAC address into a WEP-you can also  just leave the WPA password in there unless you connect anything like a PC directly-VZ seems to finally realize that Apple exists and they even have a loadable version of the IN HOME AGENT that runs on a MAC now--hard to believe they paid a contractor 3k to write a MAC version-they only make what- 600 a month off uis between wireless plans and FIOS right?

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    Here is my setup. My speeds are super slow.


    ActionTech (Wireless Off)


    Actiontech LAN to Time Capsule WAN


    Time Capsule in Bridge Mode.


    Everything is working correctly but my speeds are 5 down compared to 50 down.



    P.S. If I hard wire my speeds are good.

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    It appears you have set your system up correctly. What speeds are you getting when you connect your computer directly to the FiOS router. Defective hardware could be the issue

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    50/25 when directly connected via Ethernet

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    I couldn't agree more.  Thanks to everyone.  I thought I was going crazy for a bit...  this was the easy fix that I needed after numerous phone calls to Verizon and Apple.

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    I have just hooked my Verizon router ffrom the LAN to the WAN in back of the TC.  I then went into the Airport Utility and it states:  "No new Airport base stations discovered."  Any idea what's happening?

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    I'm having the exact same issue as CraigC23.

    I read this forum fully before setting up FiOS for the first time this month.

    ActionTec settings left as is, ethernet hardline into Time Capsule 4th Gen (LAN).

    Spoke to Apple Support and set Time Capsule to ignore the double NAT issue.

    Wifi speeds were great through the house - 50/25 to MacBook Pro, roughly 30/18 to iPhone 4s.


    Then, a week ago, the speeds on iPhones slowed to 2/18. Strangely, upload speeds are still strong.

    MacBook Pro speeds are still strong (50/25).


    Did double NAT slow the network down?

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    This is a great thread.  I have the Verizon Fios and connect my TC to it in bridge mode.  I then have 2 latest generation Airport Expresses extending the network for good coverage in the house.  The problem that I run into is that after my iMac goes to sleep there is no WiFi sync of the iOS devices, I cant do screen sharing, and the back to my Mac does not work.  Does anyone have any experience with that and know how to fix it.  I do have the sharing options turned on and I also have the wake on demand feature on in the energy settings.  The only thing that seems to work is unplugging the Verizon Router, TC and restarting the computer, then it works for a few days and then I start from scratch.

    Any thoughts?


    Thank you.

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    I know with fios: to replace their router I am told to unplug existing actiontech. Wait 3 hours so this device can be released. Then install new router and power on.( I have done twice and it worked for more action tech routers)  If you try this procedure with time capsule perhaps it will then be allowed to access fios Internet without their actiontech at all. If you elimnate the actiontech you will lose fios set top box functionality. but if you do not have any fios set top boxes/DVR you would be just fine. I will try this next time my actiontech dies.for I only have 1 box and it is a TiVo. So I do not need fios router to access fios on demand and channel info. If anyone tries this before I do please post to me of success.

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    i was reading your post and i have a question if i set the TC up with a completely different network name. and have the choice whether to connect to the TC or to the FIOS do i lose internet speed

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    Adding another wireless access point creates more wifi traffic which can always cause an issue. In my opinion lock each router on its own channel. Say fios on channel 1 and TC on channel 11. In my experience every wireless environment is its own unique monster. My set up is not losing any speed(Airport extreme wired and bridged to fios actiontec router) Extreme is only wifi. Actiontech wireless is turned off.

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    thank you for the information. Is it possible for you to tell me how to set up the TC with the fios router it doesnt seem to be working for me.

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    Ethernet from actiontec to wan of my AEX. Using MacBook airport app I create a wireless network. Also place in "bridge mode". I believe I unplugged my actiontec after that gave it 30 sec. And restarted it. Someone told me to do that. It's been awhile since I actually did this process.