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Sorry for the double post.

The previous post cannot be deleted, and I accidentally marked it as solved.


I have some problems with using the Qucik Access Camera on the iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.2.

I was connected to WiFi when this bug occured.

The bug also happened when WiFi is off, and when WiFi is on, but not connected.


Here is how I reporduce the bug:

1. Force Close all Apps saved in RAM

2. Reboot Phone

(the first two steps is for control)

3. Slide the Lock Screen Up to open the Quick Access Camera

4. Receive a Call from Elsewhere

5. Accept the Call

6. End the Call on Your Side

7. iPhone gets stuck in a Black Screen


Note that the "black screen" is not a fully black screen.

The status bar is visible, and the back light is turned on.

Also, it is not the view you get when your body covers the proximity sensor during a call.

Here is a picture:



Can someone try this and see if they have the same bug?


To get out of Black Screen, receive a call again, accept the call, then end the call.


Here's more information about my phone:
iPhone 5 AT&T 32GB Model.


Please let me know.