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So here's the deal, I've got an older model mac mini running OSX 10.5.8 with a USB external HD that holds my iTunes Library.


Space was running low on the 500GB external so I copied (using rsync) the drive to a 1TB USB


Everything worked fine at first, but then when I went to add some music the next day nothing happened in iTunes, so I went to copy the music directly to the drive and I got this error:


The Operation Could Not Be Completed

An unexpected error occurred (error code -50)


Restarting the Mac Mini Fixes the issue, as does ejecting and re-mounting the USB Drive, but it still happens at least once a day and I can't seem to find any ryme or reason when it happens. When it happens everything on the drive still plays fine, I just can't write to it.


Drive is Toshiba Canvio formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) & permissions seem to be correct.


Any help would be most appreciated.



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)