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I plug in a Seagate GoFlex 500GB external hard drive into my PowerBook (specs at bottom of post). I go into Disk Utility to try to resize one of my partitions so I can back my Mac up. I click the final "Continue" button, and a few seconds later I get an error saying that the partition was not completed correctly and that the drive was removed. It was not. It shut itself off briefly (less than a second because I saw the light (normally always on) go out and come back on)!


I disconnect my hard drive and plug it into a PC. I pull up Disk Management (Windows equivalent of DU) and I try to resize the volume. Not possible. Okay. But they both are read and I could open each one's folder. So I plug it into my Mac again and after several seconds of it not showing up, I hold it to my ear. First, it spins up. It clicks the whole time. Next, it gradually spins down while making four whines/beeps (inaudible unless you are holding the unit up to your ear), each seperated by 3/4 of a second. Then it spins up again and repeats. I now plug in another 640GB unit and it clicks rapidly (inaudible unless held to ear). Both drives are then plugged into the PC. In Disk Management they show up. I format one of the volumes on the 500GB drive (I realized I did not need the data) and I removed the volume's drive letter. But the drives do not show up on my Mac anymore. (The 500GB model used to!!!!!)


One drive had a USB 3.0 adapter. One had a 2.0 adapter. I swap around the adapters and I achieve the same result. BTW, I also have a keyboard in the other USB port. It was there from the start.


The 500GB drive is NOT corrupted. In fact, I used to use it for Time Machine. My TM data is still on that drive and I dare not erase it. The drive is not powered by an AC adapter, either.


I don't want to go out and get another hard drive because I'm looking to sell my PB.


What went wrong? How come it no longer connects? I can't have killed the drive becuase it reads on a PC.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G4 Aluminum, 1.5/1.67 GHz, 1 GB RAM
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    Does this drive in question not show in Disk Utility at all?

    If it does but does not mount, then try verify the disk first.  I often have this problem with external USB drive on my PowerBook, when they have been partition into two drives. Once I have verified them, they reappear

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    The Seagate Goflex is designed to receive its power from the USB port, but you should make sure that there is nothing in the same USB port (via a hub).

    My Seagate Goflex was not doing well after I connected it the first time: I copied the Apps of it (but I never used them  (I don't like Norton), then I formatted the Goflex in Disk Utility Partition Tab, and made sure that the --Guid Partition Table-- was chosen and then formatted --Mac OS extended (journalled)--. Then made three partitions. Since it works great. The controller in it works a bit slow at the time you connect it, so I have it practically connected always (I use one partition for Time Machine).

    Happy new year.

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    Problem is that formatting will erase it.  And GUID is not supported by PowerPC Macs.  I would look at the options here for data recovery:


    And note, you can't boot from USB on a 10.5 PowerPC, nor does 10.5 support USB 3.  You might want to even hook it up via a USB 2 wall powered hub to ensure the machine isn't underpowered for the drive.

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    Nothing conflicting, A, only the GUID, it is a backup disk, no one is asking for booting. Out of the box these WD and Seagates do not go well. Take evrything of it , in order not to loose it, and reformat.

    and a happy new year!


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    Solved the problem.


    First of all, it seemed that it would not connect the second time because I plugged in the drive to the USB port on the RIGHT side of the keyboard. It worked fine on the LEFT side USB port. Huh?


    Second of all, it shut off because of an issue with there not being enough power. (thanks a brody, the computer was underpowered, see below)


    My solution: My father had a card that you could put in a PC card slot that provided two more USB ports and a port for an AC power adapter. I couldn't find the adapter cord (it was DC-to-USB, likely not enough power) but I plugged in a Palm Pilot wall plug (making it the equivalent of a powered hub, thanks a brody again for the underpowered system solution) and it backed up like a charm.


    Thank you all for all your help!!!

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    Sorry to chime in, but for many years now Booting off USB on PowerPC Macs has already been proven to work. I just booted off my 32GB USB flash drive and it has a copy of Leopard on it. While yes, one does have to go into open firmware and type a simple command, its not that hard and I wish those on the forum would stop saying that PowerPC Macs can't boot USB devices.


    This might have been true before 2006 or 2007, but its long been proven already that they can boot from USB.