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PLEASE HELP ME !!! My phone will NOT connect to my work wifi !!! but will conect to my Home wifi !!! however my IPAD and OTHER Iphone 4s will connect


the only differance is the software iPHONE 5 is on ios 6.02 where Ipad and 4s on ios 6.01


now when I connect to wifi it keeps giving me a IP Address of 192.168.1.*** which doesnt seem to exist but all other divices connect fine to a diffent IP Address thats fine..


sombody help me please as Ive tried setting - renewing lease - resetting network - and all other ideas people have come up with !!!! now Im lost



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Do the devices that are connecting at work, receive IP addresses in the same 192.168.1.xxx range, at work? While that range could be used in a work environment,  that is  a range almost always used on home networks...

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    Thanks for reply


    but No they dont ..... the IPHONE 5 which im having trouble with gets a 192.168.1.***

    my IPHONE 4s gets an IP Address of 10.10.1.*** which conects fine with no problems and my IPAD also gets a 10.10.1.** address and also this is fine....


    so as you can see the iphone 5 is finding the wifi but getting a number which dont come within the same range...