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both my iphone 4S & my husbands are having serious battery drain issues.  upgraded to iOs 6.0.1 and didn't notice a change then synced with the latest itunes upgrade and both are draining battery rapidly.  last night did a total system restore on both phones and reloaded them using backup done.  charged to 100% on both and unplugged overnight (8hours), this morning they were both totally dead! What now? help!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Put your iPhones in "Airplane" mode overnight.  If the batteries do not drain, then you have installed something that is phoning home constantly.


    Also if at home you have WiFi access, make sure you have a strong signal where you keep your iPhones overnight, as a weak WiFi signal will require the iPhones use more power to transmit.

    The same applies if you do not have home WiFi and your iPhones use the cellular network while at home.  If you have a weak cellular connection where the iPhones sit overnight, then the iPhone will use more power to stay in touch with the cellular network.


    However, I'm guessing you have installed an app that is a network hog and is consuming power all night long.  Just a guess.


    Also look at what is enabled for push notifications, location services. 


    You might also want to enable parental controls and turn off in-app-purchases (DO NOT FORGET parental controls password ), as some apps when running will keep checking to see if there are any new in-app-purchases and thus use more networking radio traffic.


    If you have a bunch of geo-fencing alerts setup, they may be running your GPS to make sure you have not crossed a geo-fence boundary.

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    Thanks I'll try your suggestion and see what happens. Apple support believes it is a software problem from the lates iOs update. diagnostic check showed the phone itself is in perfect health. My options are deal with it until the next upgrade comes and hope that it rectifies then...or restore as new phone but do not pull in the backup as it may have a glitch in it, only pull in my contacts from icloud and then begin like it it a new phone.  Not sure I really want to start over so I may have to continue to charge up until the next update comes out and hope for the best!

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    I tried this and putting it in airplane mode worked for not having the battery drain...however, now that I know something is "constantly phoning home" as you put it, how do I determine what it is?  I have closed all apps out by tapping the home key twice but cleary there is something running I can't see.

    On another note, apparently we are at 90% of our data usage for the month and we are only 9 days in so there is obviously something happening in the "background" any suggestions on how to find out what??


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    iPhone 4S is not known for having a stellar battery life, some things I found however that help are the following.


    Charging-Iphone 4S batteries sometimes need to be re-calibrated to in a way "reset" the battery. to do this run the battery down twice to 20%, with a full recharge each time, and then run it down to 15% or below, full recharge afterwards.

    Keep your phone away from heat AT ALL TIMES!, NEVER leave your phone in a car or any place that gets hot.


    Push mail is probably the thing constantly running in your background. Push mail drains battery rapidly especially if you have multiple emails set up. Use it only when needed. To disable it go to Settings>Mail, contacts, calendar>Fetch new data> Push off.


    Only enable bluetooth and wifi when you need them.


    If you have an equalizer set up for your music, disable that for it will use up more battery when listening to music.


    Make sure to adjust your brightness in relation to the brightness of the room, the dimmer the screen the less battery consumed.