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I have the same problem that most of you out there are experiencing with the battery draining so fast, but I got something more that I wanted to see if others have it. I noticed that when I close my phone with say 80% battery and then open it I find it 27%, which means that battery is draining even when phone is closed. Has anyone else noticed this or am I special ?


I initially got the phone with 6.0.1 and restored from iphone 4 backup, Had tried resetting all settings a couple of times, then upgraded to 6.0.2 with no luck then today I restored 6.0.2 as a new phone and downloaded all apps again from phone. Unfortunately problem is still there ?


Should I be worried or will all this be fixed with the next version, only had the phone for 10 days and it is already giving me problems.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2