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A reli has my old G4 12" Powerbook.  It has been good for years.  He complained of blue screen on boot.


So I started it in target disk mode and ran disk utility and disk warrior - no probs found.  Then I tried booting the other mac from the target disk.  No probs, everything working fine so I concluded the disk in the Powerbook is fine.


Now the interesting bit.  It boots in safe mode but a few faint fine vertical lines half an inch long following the pointer around the screen, I checked no unexpected login items.


Next up I plugged in in an external monitor, booted in safe mode again.  This time both screens show up fine and no fine lines around the pointer.  Then I tried unplugging the external monitor and the jolly powerbook screen stays good with no fine lines.  I reboot, and can't back in unless in safe mode.   I connect up the external minitor and now I can sometimes boot normallywith the external monitor!  Not managed to boot the Powerbook normally without the external monitor, but I can boot with it, then disconnect the external monitor and it is ok?


Is this the video card failing?  If so I presume it is part of the logic board and would need to replace that?  or any chance it is some bad plist or pref file?


BTW, it is on 10.5.8


Any thoights or solutions most welcome!

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G4 12"