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I have an Aple TV and some "dumb" BluRay player, both going into a HDMI selector, which goes into the TV (which has only two HDMI inputs, the other coming from the cable box).  The selector has "autoswitch".


1. Both ATV and BR are asleep. I wake up the BR player, it automatically shows up on the TV and I can start watching.


2. Both ATV and BR are asleep and I wake up ATV by pushing the menu button on the ATV remote control. ATV LED comes on, but nothing on the screen. I have to manually switch the HDMI selector to the ATV port.  This is quite annoying, especially since ATV is supposed to be one of he smartest devices around while the BR is the dumbest/cheapest I could find.


Q. It seems that "auto switch" is an industry standard.  Is there any special way to wake up ATV or it just doesn't have autoswitch.


Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried switching the ATV and BR in the switcher ports.  It sounds like there is a problem with the switcher and you may have only one port auto detecting?  Have you put the cable in the switcher vice ATV to see if that works?

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    Thanks for the idea. The HDMI selector has 4 ports for video source, and I plugged the BR in evey single one. It auto selected every time. I also the selector was set to a different port before turning the BR on.


    ATV didn't ever auto select.