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I have had my new iPod Touch for a few days now, and so far it has been great- except for some days, the internet is very very slow. Most of the time, the page times out. (Not just Safari) I also did a comparison to my older iPod touch on the same wifi network to make sure it was not just the wifi, but the older one loaded at least 10 times faster that the newer one. I have tried to restart it, close all of the apps, and reconnect it to the wifi network, but none of it has worked. Again, sometimes are worse than others, and sometimes, it does not happen at all.

     Does anyone have a possible solution??



iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 6
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    I'm seeing the same issue. The WiFi isn't just slow, the radio is much weaker than the 4th Generation iPod it replaced. I can be at home with 100MBit and get less than 30KB/sec, or at work with 60MBit and get less than 25KB/sec. At the inlaws it's 2.5MBit DSL and I still get less than 30KB/sec on the 5th gen device.


    iOS 6.0.2 was released for the iPhone to resolve some WiFi problems, but hasn't been released for the iPod Touch. Will the next update resolve the matter?

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    I installed the latest software update (for the iPod Touch (6.0.1)) and it seems to be working very well for me now. It did say that it improved the "Reliability" of the iPod Touch and iPhone 5 while connected to wifi networks, so that might have been what did it. Gladly, it does not seem that I do not have to wait for 6.0.2 to be availible to me.

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    I'm having the same issue. I bought my iPod Touch just 2 days ago and only now that i noticed the slow wifi. I have tested my internet's speed using my laptop and it's working really well. I'm only getting 20 Mbps max using my iPod but when i used my s3 and my brother's iPhone 4s, i got 220 Mbps, about the max speed of my broadband internet. Anyone knows how to fix it or is it really the OS version? I've also upgraded my iPod's iOS when i was setting it up. Anyone?

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    I had to set my WiFi router to use a only 802.11g in order to fix this. When my router allowed both 11g and 11n connections, the transmission speed was painfully slow. I couldn't even preview songs in iTunes. After downgrading my wireless network, the iPod became as snappy and reliable as I expected.


    It's not a great solution, but it worked for me.

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    I was having the same problem on my 5th gen iPod Touch... Changing my DNS server seems to have fixed this issue for me:


    To do this, go into your iPod's Settings->Wi-Fi then click on your active wifi hotspot's blue arrow icon.  Find "DNS" and after noting the address found there (in case you prefer to revert back to it later), click on it and substitute one of Googles two Public DNS addresses (you can use either or  This fixed it immediately for me.  


    You can download Cisco's app "Gist" (from AppStore) to measure your Wi-Fi throughput before and after. I went from 365 kbps to a respectable 7900 kbps after making the change. 


    If it doesn't seem to work immediately after applying the fix, try using Safari & surfing somewhere after changing the DNS addr. (I went to Google.com then to "Images" using the link found there, then tried the Gist app again). This was only necessary once in several tests.


    Anyway, I was able to reliably recreate the problem by reverting back to my old DNS settings where I found myself again at 365 kbps.  Google's DNS address brought me back to 7900 each time. Hope this helps.... - e

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    Same problem here. I have the 64gb red iPod touch running the latest iOS 6.1. I didn't notice it at first that the wifi speed is below par. It took quite a while to do any apps upgrade, but since I did my upgrade at the office I just left the iPod by itself while doing so. When I did realize the longer time it took to do the upgrade, I blamed it on the office router traffic, maybe the apps are quite big and the several people are using the wifi at the same time.


    But now I'm running download/upgrade speed comparison between my iPod Touch 5th gen and iPhone 4S. For the same apps download file size, using the same wifi network the iPhone is blazingly fast while the iPod slows to almost a crawl! I have no idea why this happens and if this is an isolated defect.


    I don't have official Apple stores where I live, and therefor no genius appointment can be made. Returning the iPod is not an option since I got it in the US. So I'm left with the latest shiny iPod touch but with last decade wifi capability. It's trully a bummer since I love this last gen iPod so much.