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Can OS X Server host email, for example mytitle@mydomain.com without owning a domain? Meaning, can I create a personalized email, or does it require an email and domain to be already setup?


Also, can it host websites by iteself? Would I need to reigster a domain  beforehand?

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    You need your own domain.


    If you want to send email to yourself@your_domain.com you obviously need the domain "your_domain.com". The domain has to exist on the Internet and have mail server record(s) defined for it with a mail server waiting to accept email.


    If you say that a personalised email is something like yourself@someone_elses_domain.com, then those emails will go to whoever owns the domain "someone_elses_domain.com" — and they are not going to let you do what you want with it.


    Ditto with websites — if you want something personalised then you have to get your own domain.


    Bottom line - you need your own domain.


    It is not that expensive and/or too much hassle.


    Finally if you are asking can OS X Server manage and host these things (mail, websites) then the answer is definitely yes.