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My configuration is the following

- iMac running Mountain Lion (last version)

- Mac mini server running Mountain Lion + Server application (last version)


I would like to configure my home users as mobile users in order to be able to logon on the imac as on the mac mini with the same user profile. But I am facing the following issues :

1) I created a mobile "test user" with a home folder located on the mac mini server (config = /Network/Servers/server.local/Users/testuser). I think I followed all the steps correctly but ...

When I connect on the iMac with that network test user, it works good and I download the profile located on the server. But if I try to logon on the mac mini (the server), I can login without any problem but it is impossible to synchronize with the "remote" profile. If I do it manually (click on the two overlapping houses), I receive the following error message "There was a problem connecting to the server server.local (server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time)", and then "the sync could not complete because your network home at afp://server.locl/Users is currently unavailable". Strange it works remotely and not locally, no ?


If I register a new file in my documents when logged on the mac mini, I will find it when connected remotely on the iMac. So the folder sharing seems working correctly.


Meaby an imortant info : in profile manager, I cannot register the mac mini as managed device (enroll this mac). It is ok for the iMac, even for an iPas or an iPhone, but not possible for the mac mini server. I receive a message saying "Could not download the identity profile from the Encrypted Profile Service. The credentials within the Device Enrollment profile may have expired". I don't understand what could be the error origin. I could download the "trust profile for" and "settings for everyone" profile. I would like to have the same profile settings on the mac mini as on the imac ... Does this have a relation with my mobile profile problem ? If I laung the workroup manager it is the opposite : the mac mini is well recognized, but it is not possible to add the iMac as managed device (I added the iMac with the Hardware UUID, network config, ... but it does not seem to be managed)


2) How could I import all the settings of my local users created on the iMac to the Directory ? Or in other words, convert my local users to network users without losing data ? Is there a procedure or a tool to do that ?


Thanks in advance for your help !



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