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Lately Aperture 3 has been running very slow for me. I updated to Snow Leopard, and things got worse. I cannot edit photos as the sbbod appears so frequently. My mac is an Imac with 4 gb of memory. Any thoughts on what to do?

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    The first thing to check would be to see, if your hard drive is filling up. If you are down to below 10 GB of free space, I'd try to free plenty of disk space immediately.


    If Aperture is running slow, it frequently is either a corruption of the library, that can be fixed by reairing and rebuilding your library, or you may have imported a currupted video or image file.


    Did this start after importing images or after Aperture crashing?


    I'd turn the Activity viewer on, to see what processes Aperture has running (Window > Show Activity) and repair and rebuild the library as a precaution. Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library: Aperture 3 User Manual


    Post back, if this does not suffice to improve the performance.




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    Thanks for your quick help. I repaired the library, but nothing happened. II am not sure what any of this means, so I am somewhat hesitant to rebuild the library. If I may, I'd like to describe the problem a little more in-depth. I noticed a slight slowdown a few days ago in safari. Nothing major, but a few spinning beachballs. Then I upgraded to Snow Leopard, and upgraded Apaeture. Now both are super slow. Even when Aperture is not open, safari goes a little slower than normal. I have a 500 gb hd, and only 210 of it is used. The problem was noticed after upgrading to both the new OS and new version of Aperture. Thanks again, this certainly isn't my strong suit.

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    If it is not only Aperture, you may have a more general problem. I have to quit for tonight, but have a look at the post below. And hopefully somebody else will chime in.


    Re: Mac running very Slow

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    Still trying. Thanks for the link. I tried the "all processes" suggestion, and it looks like my external hard drive is running at 200% or so fairly often. Why would that be? Are they related? Thanks again.

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    One more thing. I unplugged my external drive, and now it appears to be running much better. It still says 99% under all processes for the WDSmartware, but I can edit with instant changes. I always leave the WD plugged in with hourly backups...am i doing something wrong?

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    No experience with WDSmartware (I am assuming a Western Digital process), so won't know about that one.


    I do suggest launching the 'Disk Utility' program found in the 'Utilities' folder in OS X (including Snow Leopard). Close all programs first, disconnect any External Drives and then launch Disk Utility.


    1 - In left pane of Disk Utility, select the hard drive name that has your Snow Leopard partition on it (the partition is usually named Macintosh HD). Make sure to select the actual drive that has the sub-listing of Macintosh HD (or whatever you may have named the partition with Snow Leopard).


    2 - Click the 'First Aid' tab in the main right pane of Disk Utility.


    3 - Click the 'Repair Permissions' button at lower left of First Aid panel and allow it to complete. Note - there may be a long list of items in black text that indicate both issues found and permissions repaired. As long as there are no 'red text' entries in the list when it completes, all should be good.


    4 - Click the 'Verify Disk' button to the right of the Repair Permissions button and allow the procedure to run. You should see a green text entry 'Disk appears to be good' toward end of list when completed. If so, you are good to go.


    Note -  neither of these procedures will harm anything, it is just basic maintenance and checking. Sometimes when permissions go a little sideways, you will see performance issues (especially after updating to a new OS X version).


    After doing the above, quit out of Disk Utility and then launch Aperture while pressing the 'Option + Command' keys and run the 'Repair Permissions' command. This will repair any permissions issues in the library that Disk Utility may not be able to access. Note - this is also a safe operation with no inherent issues like a 'Rebuild Library' might create.


    Report back as needed after those procedures. If Safari and Aperture are still behaving badly but other software runs fine (and Snow Leopard itself seems fine), there are other things that can be tried if needed.

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    I had some problems a while ago.  One of the first things I did was delete the WD Smartware program.  The problems went away.  Please note that I am not claiming any cause and effect here -- more testing would be necessary -- but I recommend deleting or disabling WD Smartware and seeing if that helps things.  (If you want, copy the WD Smartware folder to your system disk, then delete it from your external drive.  If you want to move it back, you can anytime.)


    Is the external drive formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"?  (Select it in Finder, the execute "File➞Get Info".)

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    Corky02 I followed those instructions, but was only given minimal improvement. There were a couple of repairs needed, but after fixing and restarting the problems still mostly existed.


    @Kirby, It looks like I have both WD smartware and My Book. I thought i was ejecting the WD Smartware last night, but appeared to have deleted it from the desktop. Is that ok?


    I'm sorry fellas, but is there more help you can provide?

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    It shows on your Desktop when it is mounted.  (This is standard behavior for drives.  "Mounted" means, in effect, attached to your system.)  When you eject a mounted drive, it no longer shows on your Desktop.


    You haven't caused any damage  .


    Try this:

    - With your drive un-attached, attach it.  OS X should mount both the drive and WD SmartWare.

    - Eject "WD SmartWare".  OS X unmounts it, and it no longer shows on your Desktop.

    - Open Aperture (and/or Safari).  Does it run any better?


    Have you run Software Update?


    And an additional 4 GB of RAM would help with performance when you have more than one application running.  Check out how much RAM would cost using one of the on-line configurators, such as at Crucial or OWC.

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    I tried that, but still rand slow, and still had the SBBOD. Unpluggin it still seems to be the only thing that works. Not a loong-term solution! I hear you about the RAM, but what changed? It worked perfectly until the last week or so.