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I recently updated to mountain lion on my macbook pro.  When my husband signed in he was prompted to set up iCloud.  Upon completion of set up we realized that all of my information on the macbook pro (contacts, calendars, etc...) had merged with his.  We need to somehow undo this so that his original data only is on his phone.  Help!

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    I think the merge in cloud itself cannot be "undone" however I believe there is an option to stop using Icloud to sync. then the individual devices can be sorted. I am no expert. I hope this helps

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    also if you have sepparate apple IDs you should be able to use Icloud on each and as sepperate users you could keep things sepperated.


    again I'm not sure.

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    Hi Mandy


    Lets start with contacts and see what you have.  I think we can sort this out if you haven't proceeded too far.


    I think if you check closely in contacts you should see "Contacts iCloud", "On My Mac", and maybe on My Mac 2.


    They will be consolidated in the iCloud but should still be separate contact lists for each device that provided contacts.


    Is that what you see?

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    Just to expand on this a bit...


    Make sure to click on "View" on the menu bar at the top of your screen, and "Groups" is selected.


    When signing into icloud, if "merge" is selected for contacts, you will only see "All Contacts".  If this is the case, then it cannot be undone easily.  You'll have to pick through and manually delete what you want removed.  Unless you have a backup of some sort prior to logging into icloud?