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So, I have an iphone and I'm confused, as I have seen many people are, about how the imessage works. I know I can add other emails to receive imessages, like yahoo, gmail, etc. If I add my yahoo email to imessage, will my yahoo ID show up when I send the messages? Right now I have it shows my phone number, but when I add the email will it show both? Second question. I know the imessages can be received in email, but will the messages I send be saved as well? I can't stand it when my text message inbox is packed with stuff and my most of my family has apple gear and I'd like to save the conversations. Also, if I delete them from my text inbox if they will be saved to the email so I don't have to worry about losing them? And will it send all the imessages to multiple emails? Like if I add my yahoo email and my gmail does it send them to both? I am so confused, I really hope some one can help. And if you can Thank You!

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    I think the Email accounts section is where you can set to Receive iMessages.

    That way, you can receive them on your phone and also as an email on a PC, Phone, Tablet etc where you have that email address setup

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    As simply as I can manage this is the idea behind phone numbers and emails in iMessage. All of this is example only. Apply it to your personal situation. iPhones have phone sevice, iPads do not. Both can use iMessage but how if the iPad has no phone number? Via email. So from your iPhone you want to send a message to your brother who has an iPad so you would send it to his email. Apple's server then takes the message and says "hey that dudes iPad is using this email for iMessage" and sends the message to the device. Your brother then sends a message back from his iPad to your phone number. Apples server then says "hey that dude is using this phone number on his iPhone we'll send it there, but wait that number is also being use for iMessage on that iMac (Messages OS X 10.8.2) lets send it there too". And you receive the message on both your iPhone and iMac. The benefit of setting an email to recieve iMessage on your iPhone is if you have an iPod touch or iPad (they recieve at email) that you want to recieve the messages along with the iPhone. With that your brother and his iPad would send a message to your email, instead of your phone number, and the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac or any other device you have that can use iMessage will recieve the message from your brother.